Ajay Devgn's daughter Neesha Devgan gives her first message to Haters, Kajol shares video

Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s daughter Neesa Devgan are still in Bollywood, but she has already become a star on social media. People do not know much about Nisa, but now Nisa has revealed many interesting things about herself. Actually, Kajol has posted this video, in which Neesa is talking about herself in her voice.

Kajol has named this video Quarantine Tapes posted on Instagram. In this video, Neesa says that I am still trying to identify the real Neesa. I think that when you are at this stage of age, you are learning something new everyday. Self discovery is the most important thing for a teenager. To be in a state of self-improvement. Especially, in an environment where you are constantly receiving attention, although my parents have kept me from it to a great extent, yet I did not know how people know what they are.

In this video, Neesa also tells her father Ajay Devgan’s advice- she always convinced me that I can do anything if I work hard. I always feel that whatever I do, I look at my parents and every emotion of mine is seen with a magnifying glass. Honestly, to say all those haters, there are many people who say good about me and I sometimes feel that I am not entitled to it.

17-year-old Neesa is studying at the United College of Southeast Asia in Singapore. Neesa is very fond of traveling and loves comedy films. She had come to her home in Mumbai during the corona virus pandemic.

Neesa is very active on social media and her pictures are well liked. However, at times she also has to be a victim of trolling, which Ajay Devgan protests from time to time and takes a stand for the daughter.


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