Akira Kamiya
Kamiya Akira who appreciated the big hit

Akira Kamiya, a voice actor, revealed that he participated in the movie ” Theater version City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes” at the Shinjuku Baltic 9 on November 16, and gave an unusual challenge in animation production. To this stage greeting, in addition to the Kamiya, Kazue Ikura , Kenji Kodama general director, producer of Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV), Ueda Ekiro (Sky Fall), Naohiro Ogata (Sunrise), Tsuyoshi Wakabayashi ( Aniplex) also attended.

This work is a movie version of “City Hunter” animated as an original based on Takashi Hojo ‘s popular comic, which depicts the activities of one of the best back society and buddies . Set in contemporary Shinjuku, reviving as a completely new original story. Kamiya, Ichura and other original casts gathered as a topic, and a big hit start beyond the 450 million yen box office income at the opening box office for 4 days from the release.

Kamiya who appeared from the crowded audience seems to have kept me waiting “and when we breathe the venue with the decision made by Saya Ryo,” I am very glad to hear from you who viewed it on Twitter “it is” funny. ” Show a full smile. In addition, “My dream when I became a voice actor involved in a work that can be seen with my parents and two generations, I am now in my third generation, so I have to work harder, so I will show my motivation.”

Kamiya is such a thing, show off an episode that makes you feel strong commitment as a voice actor on the theme “You can speak now.” Kamiya who listened to the DVD that contained only the audio after the end of the recording was slightly different from the voice of Saya Ryo of the past work being rebroadcasted and the voice of the part where the old ryo comes out at the beginning It was said that he asked me to re-record.

It is said that this is exceptional on the site of animation production. Before re-recording the trailer, since the voices after the re-recording are used, it is possible to compare and hear the difference, and unfamiliar information was also revealed to the fans.


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