Akira Patomoto
Akira Tomomoto who won the prize with his wife · Ando Sakura

Actor Yusuke Arimoto attended the awards ceremony of “The 73rd Daily Film Competition” held in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture on 14th. ” Your bird can sing ” ( Miyake唱 and is Emoto which won the actor starring award at the performance of the Director) receive a trophy at the awards ceremony, deceased mother, in October last year Sumikawa Kazue retrospective in Kangaibuka up with Mr.. He showed a smile with “I’m surely pleased” to receive this award.

When I stand on the platform, “I am truly honored to have an actor starring prize at the historic film award, and it was my honor to be with Miyake director for the first time at the year end of 2016. Once it was postponed, During the postponement, I went for a drink with a couple of the movie, including the director, and I think that the time of that (deferred) year is densely influenced in this movie “I thought on the day of shooting.

I also felt the joy of the award, “I thought what the prize was, but I felt that everyone around me was pleased and that everyone would feel happy Okay, I hope it is OK. ” “I am pleased to be able to set up such a place with such a movie like a monument, a treasure like a monument in the work with an actor,” like this, he showed the depth of his thought to the work.

Later, when I refer to Mr. Kazuyoshi, “I was longing for a movie director, but when I go to an interview with a film auction for the first time, my mum said,” I do not accept it anyway, but your favorite raw I remember seeing a movie director “and I remember went to the audition so I explained that there was existence of Mr. Kazue on the occasion when I became the actor’s path. “My mother died and I could not communicate the award directly, but I think that I am surely willing.I think that I am still somewhere in the venue.The seat which I am vacant with the technique of division I might be sitting all over, “I thought of my late mother.

In addition, the wife of the pattern book, Ando Sakura was also awarded the actress starring prize of the award for ” Shoplifting family ” ( Director Hirokazu Shikato ). Ando was absent from shooting NHK continuous TV novel “Munpuku”, but he was questioned about winning a couple together and said, “I’m happy, but it’s embarrassing,” he smiles. “There is only such a thing once in a lifetime, there is nothing so thankful for this” and a feeling of expression.

Meanwhile, Ando also gave a video message when he won the prize, and touched on the recipient of the book, “Personally, my husband got a leading award and it is a prize for” You sing of a bird ” It is said that I am very happy, I am deeply impressed. ” “Because my daughter was born while shooting for” You are singing “Your family gave me a special prize,” he was pleased with the award for a memorable work.

“You sing of a bird” is made into a movie by Yasushi Sato ‘s original authorship of ” Coal City Scenery “, “It Shines Only There ” and ” Over Fence ” . The pattern book is “I” who works for a bookstore in the suburbs of Hakodate City, and co-starring Ishibashi Shizawa , Shibata Seita and soon.


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