Akshay Kumar Corovavirus Awareness Campaign Video Release

Corona virus epidemic spreading across the country, the Maharashtra government has allowed the film industry and TV industry to start shooting in a week, with strict guidelines. But even before the shooting starts, Akshay Kumar has left for work. A video of Akshay Kumar wearing a white shirt and khaki pants around his neck has surfaced in which he is seen going to work, but during this time, Akshay is taking full care and advises people how this disease Can avoid

Actually, Akshay Kumar has shot a video for the Ministry of Health in which he is seen going to work. In this video, Akshay is seen in a villainous look. In the video, it is shown that Akshay, whose name is Bablu, is going to his work wearing a mask, when the head of his village stops him by saying that the epidemic has spread to where he is going. Then Akshay explains to him that he is not going for a walk, but is going back to work. During this, Akshay also advises people what they should keep in mind while working. Akshay says that if we always wear masks, keep our hands and keep distance from each other, then we can avoid this disease ‘. PIB tweeted this video on its official Twitter handle.

During the shooting of this advertisement every person on the set took full care of the security. Some pictures during the shooting were also revealed in which everyone was wearing a mask. Everyone’s body temperature was checked before shooting the video. Before entering the set, people had to go through the existing sanitizer machine there. Also, at least the crew was involved in the shooting. Let us tell you that during this epidemic, Akshay is constantly making people aware.

After Kanika Kapoor, Morani Family, Kiran Kumar and Mohina Singh, now another celebs have been hit by Corona infection. He has been admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai after the Corona Virus Test Report positive from Shibashish Sarkar, producer of the films ’83’ and ‘Suryavanshi’ and CEO of Reliance Entertainment Group.

According to the report of the news agency PTI, Shibashish had a fever, so he was examined and immediately after the report came positive, he was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital. However, his condition is improving now. A few days ago, Shibashish had told that both Suryavanshi and 83 films would not be released on the digital platform. These will be released only when the lockdown opens completely.

Please tell that the people of Boney Kapoor and Karan Johar’s staff have also got Corona positive. At the same time, many people from the TV industry have also fallen victim to this disease. The first singer Kanika Kapoor was infected with this disease. After them, producer Karim Morani and his two daughters also became corona. A few days ago, Kiran Kumar too has recovered recently after defeating the disease.


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