Ali Fazal On Wedding With Richa Chadha Says We Will Celebrate With The World

Actor Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha’s marriage was postponed due to Coronavirus Lockdown. Now Ali Fazal’s statement about the wedding to be held in April has come out. They have said about their marriage that once the whole world opens up after the outbreak of Corona virus, they will celebrate it with the whole world.

In an interview given to Mumbai Mirror, Ali spoke on her wedding date. He said, ‘It has been deferred till further notice. I think we will celebrate with the world when everything opens up again. We have something to celebrate. Hopefully everyone will get some good news. We will try to bring it with our marriage. Till then we are following all the rules of lockdown and waiting for the next step. ‘

Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha have been dating each other for a long time. The two were to get married in April, but this was not possible due to the lockdown. According to Hindustan Times, the two had informed about this by issuing a shared statement. He had told in this that both Kovid 19 and the current circumstances postponed their marriage till the end of 2020. He also wished everyone to be healthy and safe in his statement.

Significantly, during lockdown, both of their kappal are continuously helping people. Both Richa and Ali have become part of many such video and digital concerts, which are currently funding to help people. Apart from this, both of them had released information by releasing videos and photos from their social media platforms, they are arranging food for the hungry people. Richa is doing this work through the gurudwara. At the same time, Ali is doing his level.

Bollywood couple Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha canceled their wedding plans in April due to Corona virus lockdown. Now talking about this, the Mirzapur actor said openly that he would like to celebrate only now that this world will reach its normal position again. Till then they will follow all the rules of lockdown.

In a conversation with Mumbai Mirror, Ali said, “It has been canceled until further notice. I think now we will celebrate only when everything opens up in this world. We have something to celebrate.” And I will definitely bring her on my wedding. Till then we are following the lockdown rules and waiting for the next steps. “

It is being told that now Richa and Ali will marry only after mid 2020. They want to have all their friends, family and relatives with them on this special day and hence they also do not want to take any kind of risk from them.

Ali said in a conversation with Hindustan Times that after the lockdown opens, he wants to go to his house first. Ali said, “My mother is alone and I want to spend time with her. After this I want to come back and complete my remaining work. We have lost half the year of 2020 due to this epidemic. So now lost time We have to finish it back. “


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