Alia Bhatt didn't attend Neetu Kapoor's birthday party? Celebrating this way, see photos

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is very close to Ranbir Kapoor’s family but then she did not attend Neetu Kapoor’s birthday party, why ?? It must be either Alia Janata or Ranbir Kapoor. Bollywood actress Neetu Kapoor celebrated her birthday on July 8. Neetu had her first birthday after Rishi Kapoor’s departure, apparently she must have missed her husband, but the children did not let her get depressed on her birthday. Ranbir Kapoor and daughter Riddhima Kapoor celebrated their mother’s birthday.

Neetu has shared pictures of her birthday celebrations on Instagram, in which many people including Karan Johar, Riddhim, Ranbir Kapoor are seen with them. Everyone looks quite happy in the photo. But the thing to note is that Ranbir’s girlfriend Alia is not seen anywhere in these pictures. While Alia is very close not only to Ranbir but also to Neetu Kapoor. This thing is also knocking Alia-Ranbir’s fans a bit, though Alia congratulated Neetu on her birthday. Alia shared a throwback photo of Neetu on her Insta story with which she wrote, ‘You will always inspire me … every day’.

While sharing the photo of his birthday celebration, Neetu wrote, ‘Amir is the one who has good relationship. We need love, support, and strength from our special people. I feel very rich today. These photos of Neetu are becoming quite viral on social media.

Everyone is looking quite happy in the photos

Let us tell you that Alia is Ranbir’s girlfriend as well as she is very close to Ranbir’s entire family. At the time of the death of Rishi Kapoor, Alia did not hide Ranbir alone even for a moment. Alia was involved in Rishi Kapoor’s funeral procession to her bone immersion. Neetu has also expressed many times that she likes Alia a lot. Fans are now waiting for Alia and Ranbir’s wedding in Besbri.


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