Amit Shah said on Section 370- There was no doubt in my mind while presenting the bill

Home Minister Amit Shah, speaking on Sunday about the removal of Article 370 (Article 370) that gives privileges to Jammu and Kashmir, said that I am confident that terrorism will be eradicated from the state and now Jammu- There will be development in Kashmir. The Home Minister arrived in Chennai on Sunday to release the book “Listening, Learning and Leading” after the completion of two years of Venkaiah Naidu’s term. In the program, he said that Modi ji freed Jammu and Kashmir from Article 370.

After the release of the book, Home Minister Amit Shah said the removal of Article 370, “As an MP I believed that Article 370 should have been removed a long time ago. As a Home Minister I have absolutely everything in my mind I was not hesitant about what would happen. Because I was confident that Kashmir would develop. But I was afraid of what would happen in the Rajya Sabha. It was because of Venkaiah ji that everyone supported it.¬†Believe that he is now over terrorism in Kashmir.¬†

Amit Shah said that while presenting this bill, he feared that when he would introduce this bill in Rajya Sabha, how will the Rajya Sabha run? Because we knew that we do not have an absolute majority in the Rajya Sabha, yet I had decided that we will take the bill first in the Rajya Sabha, then in the Lok Sabha. We introduced the bill in Rajya Sabha. We did not let the dignity of the house fall.

Home Minister Amit Shah said, “I want to tell you one thing today, that the life of Venkaiah Ji from his student days to reaching the Vice President is exemplary for all the young activists working in politics.” Today I have come here neither as Home Minister nor as BJP President. Here, as a student working in the political field, I have come to approve the life of Venkaiah Naidu only, as a reflection of how I should work in politics in an ideal way.

Amit Shah said, “Venkaiah ji agitated for the removal of Article 370. And when this proposal comes today, he is the Chairman of Rajya Sabha.” He said that Shri Venkaiah Naidu has set an ideal of how to listen, learn and lead the society in life, in front of the young generation of this country.


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