In this bad tour of the Corona era, when celebs are imprisoned in their homes, they found a new way to stay connected with the fans, that is social media. Celebs are active on social media, but since the film industry has stopped working due to corona virus, celebs have become more active on social media. These celebs also include Amitabh Bachchan’s name. Earlier, Amitabh often used to post something on his Twitter and Instagram. But now Big B has become more active.

Recently, when he was admitted to the hospital because of being infected with Corona, he was becoming disgusted with his fans by sharing a post every day. This trend is still going on. The actor is posting a photo of himself on Instagram daily. Then whether it is his latest photo or old. Recently, the actor has shared a big cool photo of himself on Instagram. This is an old photo. Looking at the photo, it can be guessed that Big B is sitting on the side of a swimming pool. He is wearing a white necklace and a t-shirt with black and white linings. With a glass of juice in his hand, Amitabh is seen in a very relaxed mood, and is smiling upon seeing someone. Fans are also liking this photo of Big B.

Know when this photo is from:

While posting this photo of Big B, a fan of Amitabh asked people to tell that this is a photo of the film. Big B himself replied to Fan’s tweet and told that this is a photo of when. Amitabh replied, “I tell you …. shooting for ‘Mahan’ in Kathmandu, Nepal”.


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