Anil Kapoor Was Warned Marrying Sunita Kapoor Could Ruin Both Dated For 11 Years

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor are one of the ideal couples in Bollywood. On May 19, the marriage of both of them completed 36 years. Anil and Sunita dated each other for 11 years before marriage. Anil Kapoor married when his career started flying. There was also risk. But Anil Kapoor took the risk. On the 36th wedding anniversary, Anil shared the entire emotional story with his fans.

Anil has also shared wedding photos with wife Sunita on Instagram. With this, he recalled one of the happiest moments of his life by writing a long note – “Our marriage was delayed too long, because I wanted to make sure that I was able to take care of him and he I can fulfill the dreams that I have dreamed. At least, I can buy a house and keep a cook.

We got married on May 19, despite all the odds. I still remember when I entered her home on the wedding day and saw my bride, she was smiling and I had tears. Tears of happiness, but also nervousness. I mean it was my wedding day. Our wedding preparation was done in a single day. Even though our wedding could not become a big event and there was no honeymoon, for which Sunita still teases me, but still it is the best thing to happen in my life. ”

Anil writes that many people had predicted that marrying so soon would ruin my career, but I only knew that I could not live another day without them and I wanted to see them in every situation. . There was never a single election in our love and career. It was always a matter of love and career for us. Many friends and friends greeted Anil and Sunita Kapoor on their wedding anniversary.

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor are also named in the favorite couples of Bollywood. The love story of both of them is absolutely filmy. On May 19, Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor, who celebrated their wedding anniversary, got married after dating each other for 11 years. In this way, the relationship of both of them is now 47 years. During this time, Sunita Kapoor stood as a shield in the ups and downs of Anil Kapoor’s life and career.

The decision to marry both was also made in haste. Sunita said to one day Anil that she should get married now and that day is tomorrow only. Not tomorrow or never In this way both were married with simplicity. This is the mid-80s when Anil Kapoor was signed for Meri Jung. Anil Kapoor’s film was released only after his marriage to Sunita Kapoor.

who had once been a model, had later taken off from Limelight and was busy with her family. According to media reports, he also talked to Anil Kapoor about this. But once, Anil wanted Sunita to accompany him for a magazine shoot because he wanted to show his happy family to everyone. But Sunita did not agree to this. Anil had told in an interview that he had folded his hands in front of him to persuade Sunita and had recited the feet, but Sunita did not listen.

May 19 was the 36th wedding anniversary of Anil Kapoor. On this special occasion, he shared his love story on Instagram. He told through this video how he preferred to choose love over career and love. During this, Anil also told that he was very tense while proposing to Sunita.

Anil Kapoor told that our love story started on the night of 17 May. I had to sign an important film, which was too big for my career. On 18 May, I took a big step. I proposed to my girlfriend Sunita. It was very tense at that time. I was avoiding this thing again and again. But I understood that I had to choose between my career and my love.

I finally proposed on 18 May. Anil Kapoor also told that people celebrate wedding anniversary. But I celebrate the proposal anniversary. Anil Kapoor told that Sunita was the banker’s daughter and was modeling. She had clearly told Anil that she would not do household chores nor go to the kitchen.
anil kapoor sunita kapoor

After this, Anil decided that he would not propose to Sunita until he became something. Anil told that as soon as I got the signing amount for the film Jung, I told Sunita on the phone that we were going to get married and then we got married the next day.


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