Anti-China voices against China, demand for breaking all kinds of economic relations

Amidst the corona epidemic, the voice against China has started to be raised not only in Europe and America, but also in African countries. The report by the news agency ANI said that all African countries are now closely assessing the advantages and disadvantages of funds provided by China and its investments. Local people battling the epidemic are protesting against China across Africa. People demand that all economic relations with China be completely destroyed as Chinese funds are proving to be very expensive.

The anger of the local people against Chinese nationals working in African countries has increased so much that they have started to hostile behavior with them. In the recent times, there were reports of bad treatment and discrimination against people of African descent in China in the midst of the Corona crisis. The result of a wave of protests against people of African descent in China in the past was that most Africans were evicted by hotels and their landlords, rendering them homeless. A CNN report about this had also surfaced, causing tension between China and Africa.

The report of the news agency ANI says that these incidents have deeply hit the business relations of China and African countries. It took China decades to form trade and business relations with African countries. Official figures show that in 2019, there was a turnover of $ 208 billion between China and African countries. Gradually China was beginning to introduce many infrastructure projects in African countries. The US had also warned African countries about this and termed it as a Chinese debt trap diplomacy.

The antics of protest against China is that Tanzania has also started investigating Chinese investment by joining the line of African countries. There are reports that Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has canceled the $ 10 billion Chinese debt agreement signed by his predecessor Jakaya Kikwete. This is a major setback for China from Tanzania. However, this report has not been officially confirmed yet. Let us tell that many European countries along with America have been involved in the rising voices against China.


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