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Anukunnadi Okati Ayindi Okkati Telugu Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2020

One of the planned ones is the launch of new director Balu Adusamilli with the beautiful heroines of Dhanya Balakrishna, Komali Prasad, Siddi Idnani and Tridha Chaudhary. Similar Concepts Succeed In Bollywood And Hollywood. Is It Successful In Telugu Also? Did these four beautiful parts make a good name? Or not? Let’s see

Anukunnadi Okati Ayindi Okkati Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

O four girls. Three of them (Dhanya Balakrishna, Komali Prasad and Tridha Chaudhary) are free to live and work. The rest of the gang, Siddi (Siddi Idnani), is married and lives in unhappiness. The four go to Goa for their friend’s wedding.

What were the circumstances of the four men who went to Goa for Destination Wedding? Why do they have to murder someone? And then what are they trying to escape? Who is the one who blackmails them? What happened in the end? O Pitta Katha Full Movie Download

As shown in the teaser and trailer, this is a bit of a bold ness. Fustoff filled the scene with all the girls smoking drugs and cigarettes in order to get all the friction in the office. Almost every five minutes is filled with the same scenes and double meaning dialogues. Is it like meeting four girls? For the first time, I suspect. Scenes like four girls booking a boy, and shouting that if I go before I go, the double-talking dialogues they talk about all the time are frustrating at one point. They all end up together, killing him and dropping the corpse. The first thing packed with bold dialogues is that the audience is likely to be impressed.

The second half begins with scenes in Goa where they are murdered in Hyderabad and whose actions they are drowning. However, with Veerardarni coming back to Goa with a stalker blackmailing, attempts to find out who he is seems silly. With a lot of suspense and thrilling, the scenes are so dull that the audience seems to be testing the endurance. Eventually the narrative groove appears to have been missed. Even at the climax. the viewer who is expecting any seriousness will be disappointed. The second is the feeling of failing to keep the audience hooked.

Dhanya Balakrishna, Komali Prasad, Siddi Idnani and Tridha Chaudhary all glamorously. The scope of the film has also been shown as the film has been seen throughout the film. Dhanya Balakrishna not only looks good in all of them .. Andarni acted like a charm. The rest of the three seemed to be unimportant. The rest of the cast are Sameer and Himaja. Jack’s character is smiling. Dhari was impressed with the role.

The one that is supposed to be the one is the story, there is a big minus in the narrative. The film is a comedy, a thriller, a crime? .. Did you know at least what the director wanted to put in the original? The audience is suspected. Filling in with all the bold dialogues will make you feel better. In no one scene could he be more excited about what would happen next. The director failed in this regard.

Songs in the movie are not so memorable. Even the background music provided by Vikas was not impressed. Shekhar Ganganamoni elevated the beauty of Goa with his camera work. Manikanth seems to be good if it takes some more. The production values ​​are down to the cinematic level. This is one of the most thoughtful. However, the bold dialogues of the youth, whether it is commercially appealing. remains to be seen.


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