Anup Jalota now becomes match maker for Jasleen Matharu

Bigg Boss contestant Jasleen Matharu said that she had introduced Anoop Jalota to a surgeon in Bhopal on a video call a week ago. Jasleen Matharu has been looking for Mr. Wright for some time now and it seems that her search has been completed. Recently she has been met by a surgeon from Bhopal.

The interesting thing is that this meeting was conducted by Anoop Jalota and got both of them talked about earlier this month. In an interview with Times of India, Jasleen revealed, ‘Anupji told me about this doctor, who had separated from his wife last year. But the case could not proceed due to the lockdown.

However, instead of delaying it further, they have made my point with them virtual. We talk a lot and are growing up right now. ‘ Asked if the new person in his life has spoken with Anoop about his link-up rumors, Jasleen said, ‘He hasn’t mentioned it even once. We do not talk about each other’s past anyway. They have not been divorced yet. That is why we talk every day. I just want to say that this is my life and I am happy that Anupji is involved in this.

Anoop Jalota told a publication that he has known the surgeon and his family for some time and hopes that his relationship with Jasleen will turn into a marriage. Explaining this, Anoop said, ‘He has a cultured family and I have known him for five-six years. I hope they pair up. ‘ In 2018, Anoop and Jasleen entered Bigg Boss 12 as a couple and claimed that they were in a relationship for more than three years. However, after coming out of the show, he claimed that the only connection between them was purely teacher and student.

Jasleen Matharu has found Mr. Right for herself. Actually, Anoop Jalota has made Jasleen talk to a surgeon in Bhopal. The two have just met virtually. During an interview to Times of India, Jasleen said, “Anoop ji told me that there is a doctor who has separated from his wife only last year.” But due to the lockdown, the matter could not proceed further.

Jasleen was asked if the surgeon asked him any question about Anoop, he said, ‘He didn’t even talk about it once. We both have not talked about each other’s past. We are yet to get divorced, so we talk once a day. I am just happy that Anoop ji has made this relationship happen.

A few days ago, Anoop said during an interview, ‘I and Jasleen’s father see a boy for them. Jasleen is like my daughter and I will give her.

Jasleen and Anoop Jalota came in quite a lot of headlines after coming on the show Bigg Boss. Both had entered the show as boyfriend-girlfriends and were shocked after the revelations of both of them. However, after the show was over, Anoop Jalota had said in an interview that only the teacher-disciple relationship between the two is enough. Both of them had said boyfriend-girl talk only for Bigg Boss.

By the way, news is coming that Anoop and Jasleen are going to be seen together again. However, this time he will be seen in the film. Anoop Jalota will be the singer in the film and Jasleen will be his student. Talking to the Times of India about this, Anoop had said, ‘Last year, before Diwali, there was a big bang in Bigg Boss and this time this movie is a blast before Diwali. People have a lot of wrong things in my mind about my relationship with Jasleen, which will be cleared after this film.


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