Anupam Kher Meet Rishi Kapoor Meet In house New York Shares Rishi This Tweet
Rishi Kapoor and Anupam Kher (Image Credit: Twitter)

Actor Rishi Kapoor has been treating New York for several months. It is reported that the treatment of Cancer, who is suffering from cancer, is almost complete. It is expected that soon they can return to India. That’s where Rishi Kapoor is also eager to come to India. They are totally missing everything. Whether it is the film set or the food His only childhood was visible when he reached New York with his wife Neetu Kapoor and went home to meet his special friend Anupam Kher. Where both of them ate Anupam’s home, after which Rishi Kapoor expressed tidiness and also tweeted.

In fact, Rishi Kapoor has been out of the country with wife for several months. In such a situation, when he ate Anupam Kher’s house at Indian Food, especially after eating the flour roti of flour, he was not happy about his happiness. This information was given by Rishi Kapoor on his twitter account.

Actually since Rishi Kapoor is treating the US. Since then, many Bollywood celebrities have been seen accompanying him to take a pledge. Well, let me give you the opportunity to release Rishi Kapoor’s ‘Jhootha Kahin Ka‘ on Friday. This film is with Rishi Kapoor in the lead role of Jimmy Shergill, Sunny Singh, Omkar Kapoor, Nimisha Mehta and Rucha Vaidya. Actor Omkar Kapoor, who works in the film, says that Rishi Kapoor is still a child with heart and during his work he learned a lot.

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