Anurag Kashyap On Nepotism

Anurag Kashyap On Nepotism: The debate between nepotism and insider versus outsider, which started after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, has gone much further. Kangana Ranot has even spoken about returning her Padma Shri in this debate. Now filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has also reacted to this issue. He taunts the arguing celebs. Anurag has said that these celebs should first see themselves how they treat the crew members on the set.

Anurag Kashyap tweeted one after the other. He wrote, ‘Friends, a great debate is going on; only actors are not in films. At least one and a half hundred people work on the set of a film. On the day those inside or outside learn to respect the assistants, workers, spotboys and all the others working on the set, then they can be talked to .

Anurag wrote in another tweet, ‘Whether it is about nepotism or favoriteism. First, ask those who work on these sets once, which actor or director or whatever, is the most insolent or in the name of which actor they refuse to work in that film. Then go to those actor’s sets, where when the command comes into the hands of the so-called actor. Read the old interviews of the supporting actors of that film, why did they leave the film? You will get back the way you live with others.

Anurag has written that there is no difference between the film world and this world. The film world is more visible and printed. He further wrote – It should not matter that no one has appreciated you. At the same time, one man’s advice is also enough to work. ‘

Significantly, this tweet by Anurag Kashyap came after Kangana Ranot’s statement in which he talked about the existence of movie mafia. Apart from this, he has targeted many filmmakers and actors by taking names.


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