Anurag Kashyap vs Ranvir Shorey: Anurag Kashyap and Ranveer Shorey fight on Twitter over 'Chatukar'

There is an ongoing war between film director Anurag Kashyap and actor Ranveer Shorey over films on Twitter. It all started when actor Ranveer Shorey slammed some filmmakers (without naming anyone). After this, stunned Anurag Kashyap started replying to Ranveer Shorey and said, ‘Do you really think so @RanvirShorey, if you feel like this, then please explain exactly what you mean and who’s licker? ‘

Ranvir Shorey while answering Anurag Kashyap’s question, he clearly said that he does not want to name anyone. He said, ‘You know what I mean and I don’t think there is any lack of clarity in what I have said. This explains a lot. As the name implies. I don’t want to throw mud on anyone but you reminded people where they came from. ‘

Assuming that Ranveer Shorey’s tweet is targeted at her, Anurag Kashyap starts arguing with Ranveer, ‘Okay here, let’s talk. Who’s enslaved, do you think I’m flattering? In this debate, you should not mix the pain of your previous relationships. I believe that like every industry, there is a need for improvement here too.

Ranveer Shorey, while giving a befitting reply to Anurag Kashyap, wrote, ‘I did not mention you, so why don’t you accept who you are as a fad and what you mean by the pain of my past. Do not try to suppress me. I assure you, I work even more alone than you! ‘ Anurag Kashyap was not going to back down and a fierce heated argument between Ranveer Shorey and him was seen on social media. Anurag Kashyap is often trolled on social media for his controversial statements.


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