Anushka Sharma While Playing With Instagram Filters Calls Herself Bewakoof Ladki Virat Kohli Helps Her

Film actress Anushka Sharma is describing herself as a ‘stupid girl’ while playing with the Instagram filter. After this, her husband Virat Kohli helped her get the right answer. Actress Anushka Sharma uploaded this video on social media.

In this they can be seen straggling with Instagram filters. In the video, she is seen trying out the popular ‘gibberish filter’, in which one has to guess what the shortened form of the word might be. Frustrated at not getting the right answer, Anushka calls herself a ‘stupid girl’.

Virat and Anushka discussed with students online on Tuesday and told about their lives and careers so that they are inspired. Explaining this, he said, ‘To be honest, I have learned to be patient ever since I have met Anushka. I was very impatient at first. ‘ He goes on to say, ‘What we have learned from each other, how to keep myself strong in situations given their personality, has really inspired me to fight it. Even when things get tough, you have to swallow your ego and stay there in adversity. Keep fighting your way and eventually you will find a way. ‘

Lockdown and how they keep fit, Anushka said, ‘We are honestly not doing anything different. I think Virat and I are people who don’t believe in diet and we just have a lifestyle that is very healthy. We have always been like this. Significantly, the lockdown has been extended till May 3 in the country.


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