Apharan 2 Going To Release Very Soon Script Writing Work Has Been Completed

Varun said that the script of ‘Apharan 2’ has already been written before the corona infection spreads and lockdown is implemented in the country. He sent the script to director Siddharth Sen Gupta and the production team early this year. Casting and pre-production were being worked on after scripting, but the work was stopped due to the lockdown being implemented in the middle ‘.

‘If everything was fine, the shooting of’ Apharan 2 ‘would have been completed by now. The second season, the writer said, the second season will be more exciting than the first. Along with being a writer, Varun also played the character of Laxman Saxena in this web series. Some time back Ekta Kapoor also released a teaser of ‘Apharan 2’.

During the lockdown Varun has completed the script of another web series. He will make an official announcement of this web series once the circumstances become normal. Varun is currently seen as a CRPF officer in the recently released web series ‘Your Honor’.


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