Aquaman Amber Hard aspire to female version Justice League
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Actress Amber Heard, who played the heroine/male in the DC movie ” Aquaman ” (open to the public) responded to the interview at the time of coming to Japan, talking about the training he tackled for shooting and the female hero of DC comics.

Mela with the ability to freely manoeuvre water appears in front of Aquaman who lives in the ground world and acts together to prevent the threat of the ocean floor kingdom. Amber, who says “Mela is a very strong, dynamic and smart female hero,” says that the female character of this work contains a message to society “gender equality”.

“Mera plays a role of leading Aquaman and there are also scenes that are drawn stronger than him.I think that the relationship between men and women is reflected properly in this movie. In general, women are” It is strong, but I have seen such descriptions many times (in another movie) so far.In this work, women like to accomplish something with men and sometimes pull men There is a way of being drawn contemporaneously ”

Mela, a reliable companion for Aquaman, will show off severe actions no less contrary to him in the ground world and in the sea. I hoped that the harness was hanging throughout the shooting scene, “Looking back on those days, I was also required to have special training as it was a setting to show off the action on the undersea world,” of course.

Amber playing the sea warrior, training was also indispensable, “Although I had a rehearsal (before shooting), I was training for about half a year ago,” confessed. I listened to specific training contents and said, “I stayed 6 hours a day for 6 days a week, I stayed on it for 6 months.We did weight training at the gym, stunt training at another place, expressiveness at the battle I did a special martial art called “Woo shuu” to hone her, “I recall that it was more than a hard menu for imagination. She performed nearly full-time training of severe male cast training, she succeeded in expressing a female hero combining powerfulness and beauty in this work.

Speaking of female heroes of DC comics, it is remembered that the movie ” Wonder Woman ” published in 2017 gained support from women. The company has an attractive female character such as Super Girl and Batwoman. When asking about “female version Justice · League” interest in movies, I answered in Japanese as “Yes!” “DC requires more female heroes, Mela is also active in the original as a female hero, as they symbolize the most wonderful parts of human beings so that as various female characters appear from now on I want you and I want you to be more active! “I was hoping for female hero’s further success.


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