AR Rahman Tweet On Delhi Nizamuddin Markaz Issue Tweet Goes Viral On Social Media
A.R.Rahman (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Suddenly, the number of corona virus patients has increased rapidly due to people who joined Nizamuddin Markaz of Delhi. More than 300 of those extracted from Nizamuddin Markaz have been found to be infected with the corona virus. The sudden increase in the number of patients has caused uproar across the country. Everyone is very angry about this matter. There is condemnation on all sides regarding the Nizamuddin Markaz case. At the same time, AR Rahman said his case by tweeting about this matter. Reactions of users have also started coming on his tweet.

While the government is making millions of efforts to maintain social distancing. At the same time, in Nizamuddin Markaz of Delhi, such a crowd of people surprised everyone. AR Rahman tweeted about this issue. He wrote in the tweet, ‘Dear friends, this message is to thank the doctors, nurses and all the staff working in hospitals and clinics across India for their bravery and selflessness. It is really heartening to see how ready they are to face this deadly epidemic. ‘

AR Rahman further wrote, ‘To save our lives they are risking their lives. It is time to forget our differences and unite against this invisible enemy, who has caused havoc all over the world. It is time to put humanity and spirituality into practice. Help your neighbors, senior citizens, deprived people and immigrant laborers.

He further wrote, ‘God is in your heart, so this is not the time to gather in religious places and spread chaos. Follow the advice of the government. A few days of confinement can give you many more years to come. Do not spread the virus and do not cause harm to others. This is not the time to spread false rumors and create more anxiety and fear. Be kind and considerate, many people have life at your hands.

A lot of reactions are coming to this AR Rahman tweet. People seem to agree with him completely. Let us know that his tweet is becoming increasingly viral on social media.


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