Arimura Kuniyoshi, Kamiki Ryunosuke from the birthday cake greatly!
Impressed by the surprise! (From left) Kamiki Ryunosuke & Arimura Kiyoshi

Ryunosuke Kamiki and Kanemura Arimura will attend the event just before the release of the movie” Fortuna’s Eye” in Tokyo. Arimura who was given a special “transparent cake” from Kamiki on 13th as Mr Arimura’s 26th birthday on 13th is a big impression that “Takashi-chan did (made)?” It was.

Directed by Miki Takahiro, this novel by Naoki Momota known as “eternal 0” “a man named pirate” was made into a movie. Shinichiro (Shinkiro), a young man with a mysterious ability to see through human beings who are about to die, draws the appearance of confronting the fate of death of the beloved woman Aoi (Arimura).

Kamiki talks to the public, “I am anxious but there are half pleasures,” but “I am excited today, but I am excited today.” Arimura mentioned that Kami is trying his first full-length love story in the same work, “I am honoured to be involved in the first moment of Kamiki-kun.”

After that, it gets excited with a psychological test that understands “the degree of dedication of love”, it enters the last photo session, but the treasure that calls the audience to say “I do not want to end with this.” When Arimura was embarrassed in the deployment not in the script, “transparent cake” was carried at the birthday surprise, and Arimura rounded his eyes to “wow!” “Translucent cake” made of oversized jelly with fruit is a piece of the whole body that Kami made candy and birthday plate etc. Arimura thanked “I am deeply moved by knowing that I am doing this for the first time,” he said.

And when it comes to tasting, Arimura fully cooks the part that Kamiki had in particular. Arimura who chewed as many mouthfuls as “a delicious vitamin deficiency” was overwhelmingly delighted that “The girls are amazingly delicious!” In that appearance, the audience was excited with “cute ~”, and Kamiki “was always together at the scene, but I was very happy because I had not seen such a happy face so much,” he said.

The film “Fortuna’s Eye” will be released nationwide from 15th February


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