Arjun Kapoor Birthday Celebration: Sister Anshula Kapoor steps up COVID-19 on Arjun Kapoor's birthday celebration

Arjun Kapoor’s birthday special, sister Anshula Kapoor has completely sanitized the house decorations.Some time ago, Anshula Kapoor shared a boomerang video of Arjun’s birthday party on Instagram. . Arjun Kapoor is celebrating his birthday today. Arjun Kapoor has been greeted since morning by sisters Anshula, Sonam, Riya, girlfriends Malaika Arora, Anil Kapoor, among others.

On her insta Malaika shared a cute picture of Arjun Kapoor and wished him a happy birthday and called him ‘Sunshine’. Now, to make Bhai Arjun Kapoor’s birthday special in lockdown, Anshula has ordered to decorate the house. Before that he has completely sanitized it. Anshula thanked the decorations company for helping to celebrate her brother’s birthday sometime back, taking into account the security measures due to COVID-19. The balloon attached to the decoration has ‘Happy Birthday brother’ written on it.

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Happy birthday @arjunkapoor. You are the reason I breathe, my most favorite human and the most important person in my life. The man whose love knows no bounds, who has always made me feel like the most cherished person on earth. Bhai, you are the reason I have the strength to wake up every morning. You have been my guardian, my protector, my parent, my friend, my brother, my confidant, my lifeline. You’ve parented me like a father, even though you were a kid yourself when you became that person for me. You’ve given me your strength when I’ve had none of my own. You’ve always been there to catch me before I fall, you’ve taught me how to fight, how to rise again, how to keep my head held high and smile. You’ve held my hand through fire and every storm that’s come our way. Unwavering in your belief in me, and in your love for me. You’ve never let us forget mom, but you make me feel whole even with her loss, and you have the ability to make me miss her less every time I feel like I can’t breathe without her. You’ve given me everything under the stars – even more than I ask for, perhaps more than I deserve – and somehow you always know what I need, even before I know I need it. You’ve moved heaven and earth to make sure I’m taken care of and loved. You’re the reason I’ve never felt like I’m alone. You’re that light that manages to shine through all my darkness, to show me the way and to lead me out of the dark. You know my deepest fears, my darkest thoughts, all the dragons in my head and all the demons I fight with every day – and you love me despite all that. You make me feel loved every day. You make me feel cherished, beyond loved. You make me feel like I matter. YOU are my home. And Your love for me makes me believe I am worthy of love. For this and for infinite more reasons, You are my number one, the best person I know, my anchor, my North Star, my most favorite human, my heartbeat, and the best gift mom could have given me. I don’t ever want to live in a world that you’re not in. Love you to infinity. I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine. Always and forever ❤️♾

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Meanwhile, sister Anshula Kapoor congratulated her brother on the birthday and wrote, ‘Happy birthday @arjunkapoor. You are my favorite person and most important person of my life. You have taught me how to fight, how to get up, how to hold your head high and smile. You have held my hand through the fire and every storm that has come our way. I have unwavering faith in you, and in your love for me. You have never let us forget our mother. I never want to live in a world in which you are not. Love You to Infinity. I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine. ‘

Arjun Kapoor has worked in many films. He has an affair with actress Malaika Arora.


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