Arpita Khan Daughter: First glimpse of Salman's niece rectangle, Papa Ayush shares photos

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma has given birth to a daughter from Pyari on the birthday of Bhaijaan. On the day of the birth of the daughter, Arpita and Ayush Sharma also named her, ‘Ayat Sharma’. After the birth of the rectangle, people were eagerly waiting for his photos to appear. So Ayush has now ended this wait for fans. Ayush has shown the first glimpse of the verse to his fans.

Aayush has shared some photos with Aayat on her Instagram, in which Arpita Sharma and her elder son, Aayat’s brother Ahil are also seen. In these photos, the whole family seems to love the rectangle a lot. In some photos, the rectangular mother’s dock is seen, while in some she is sleeping in the father’s dock.

Ayush has also written a caption while sharing photos. Ayush wrote, ‘Welcome rectangle in the beautiful world. You have brought a lot of happiness in our life. May God fill your life with happiness’. Let us tell you that Arpita and Ayush have become parents for the second time. Both of them got married in the year 2014. In 2016, after 2 years of marriage, Arpita gave birth to a son Ahil. Now five years of marriage, Arpita has given birth to a second child.

Salman expressed his happiness by welcoming the verse in this world. Salman Khan congratulated Arpita and Ayush on Twitter and also described the birth of Aayat as the best gift for the whole family. Salman wrote on Twitter, ‘Welcome rectangle in this beautiful world. Thank you Arpita and Ayush for giving such a wonderful birthday gift to the whole family. Whoever is reading this, bless him and he will grow up and brighten everyone’s name.


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