Rina Asakawa who looked back at the shooting that he was harsh
Rina Asakawa who looked back at the shooting that he was harsh

Actress Rena Asakawa attended the movie ‘Bloody Chevan Chainsaw RED’ on the 13th, and looked back on the harsh shoot that he was sometimes lost.

This work is a splatter action that was born after the staff of 2016 “Blood Burns Suvan Chainsaw” who gathered the comic of Sanshin Buddhism into a movie reunited and newly casted. The heroine · sawamura Gioko who uses the chain saw as the demolition shop’s daughter will challenge the mad scientist’s Nero and the enemies of the not-so-evident phenomenon. On this day other Asakawa to play the heroine, that ( loosening mode! ), Nanami Hidaka , Kaechi Momoko , Mamoru Do Asami , Izumi Sano was also attended.

After that as Asakawa and others are wearing a bloody sailor suit in the play, the event was limited to female, and a dress code of uniform or red cord (bloody cord) was set. Asakawa who appeared in the completion show, “I wish I could tell the appeal of the movie by seeing it for the first time in the world,” I greet.

Asakawa cut out that the action was taken in the mountains at the coldest time, “The action scene of the Loinchi is a sightseeing, but it was really hard because it was Soo.” I told the winner of the Best Fundoshi Store Ward 2018 announced the other day, “I am aiming to spread the loincloth, so I thought of spreading lovers together with the movie,” he said resolve.

During the filming of such a work, Asakawa seems to have lost consciousness “With ordinary shooting was stopped in a stormy shooting was done. Everyone, taking care in cold weather He brought me a blanket, but the blanket was also Vichabicha, when I fainted and fell down at that time … …. I put my feet on the hot water and it was getting empty. I thought that I was shooting and I interrupted shooting. ”

Asakawa said, “It was the hardest and the most talented workplace ever, and since we did not have such a harsh and cold worksite as this site, we can withstand other works,” proudly saying to the mouth did.

And about the work Asakawa said, “It is a very strong impact and a punch is a strong work.The cast was all taken with the soul.The previous work is a wonderful work and you can make it a work that can go beyond it I thought, it is a gorgeous work, so spread it, please spread it.”

The movie ‘Bloody Scuban Chainsaw RED’ will be released from February 22 in two copies of ‘Revenge of the First Part Nero’ and ‘Awakening of the Second Part of Giko’


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