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Mashuqa thinks why Khalid needs to wed her and not me. Asgar attempts to cause him to get it. Khalid cannot and says I will wed Noor. Surayya says I will smack you and make your face swollen. Razia says you will do nothing and says on the off chance that they have chosen, at that point I will bolster them. She says she realizes how to deal with her conventions and qualities. She says it is their life and they will choose. She says in the event that you are not content with the marriage, at that point additionally this marriage will happen tomorrow. Khalid gets glad and says badi ammi is so great and reveals to Surayya this is Ammi. He discloses to Noor that she will move toward becoming lady and he will end up being her man of the hour. He embraces her joyfully and moves singing goodness mummy daddy melody… He stops and takes a gander at Shayra, reviewing her condition. He at that point reveals to Noor that he needs to do numerous courses of action and need to purchase Sherwani.

Shayra asks Noor to hear her out and asks how might you wed him? Noor asks what’s up with him? Shayra says how might you excuse him. Noor says she is simply wedding him and not having connection with him. She says she is doing this union with satisfy her Ammi’s last wish. She says she has chosen to wed Khalid and after that go to her Ammi. Shayra says you can’t do this. Noor says for what reason wouldn’t i be able. She sees Azaan coming there and says Khalid cherishes me frantically and I will be with you individuals in this house. Khalid attempts Sherwani and suit and thinks Noor is great, he will look Shehzada. Surayya comes and keeps her foot on his hand and crushes his hand. She slaps him and asks how could you to take a critical choice. She says she loathes her, Khalid says however I cherish her. Surayya says on the off chance that you wed her, at that point I will haul out your skin. Khalid says I will wed her. Surayya is going to slap him once more, yet he pushes her and says you don’t have the foggiest idea what I can accomplish for her. Azaan attempts to make Noor get it. Noor says I don’t love him, yet he adores me frantically.

Khalid says you didn’t have even an inkling what I did to get her and what I can do. He says he will take the individual’s life whoever divides them. Surayya says I will tell you the best way to take life and presses her neck. Asgar comes and says he is child. He asks Khalid to go. Surayya says he said that he did… Asgar causes her to sit. Azaan asks Noor to think with quiet personality and choose. Noor says what do you believe that I didn’t think. Azaan says you have taken a significant choice and disclosed to me first. Noor says you had likewise blasted bomb on us. Azaan says alright, on the off chance that this is your choice, at that point alright. Shayra is astonished. Azaan says Khalid isn’t awful and everybody can’t endure her. He embraces her.

Surayya reveals to Asgar that they were under Razia and now they will be under Noor. Asgar requests that her think astutely and says Razia thinks Noor as her little girl and will do as such much in her marriage. Surayya says I need everything and that young lady will never be my bahu.

Noor implores Namaaz and tells that she is fouling up with Khalid. Shayra comes and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are fouling up at that point? She says this life is the God’s greatest blessing and tossing it is an affront to the individual giving it. Noor says it isn’t tossed, yet grabbed. It isn’t suicide, however murder. You have completed two homicides previously, presently going to do the third one. She says my joy is obligation on you and requests that her compensation the obligation to get over the transgression and murder allegation. Shayra is stunned and quiet. Noor says I realize you won’t give me Azaan, yet you have given me the best endowment of my nikah. She expresses profound gratitude. Shayra asks what did I give you? Noor says I need to do numerous courses of action as today is my Nikah. Shayra is in stun and supposes what blessing she was discussing?

Precap: Noor and Khalid sits for their marriage. Shayra rushes to Azaan and requests that he wed Noor and separation her.


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