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Dilruba asks Mashuqa for what good reason did you remain on the stool? Mashuqa says to end it all and was looking for rodent poison. She says begum sahiba has fixed Khalid’s marriage with Noor and solicits what is the utilization from living at this point. Dilruba brings her down and asks do you think Khalid will wed you. Mashuqa says she is lovely and youthful than Noor. Dilruba says Servants get pay with trouble and tells how love will get and considers Asgar. He requests that her beverage 4-5 jugs of toxic substance. Mashuqa keeps running behind him.

Shayra goes to the Dargah and thinks on the off chance that she leaves Noor’s hand, at that point she will kick the bucket and on the off chance that she leaves Azaan, at that point he can’t live and requests that God demonstrate the way. The minister comes there and says God demonstrates the light.

Surayya is still secured in the organizer and hears Razia making Noor prepared for marriage. She says you are looking exceptionally lovely. Saba inquires as to for what reason is she miserable and says you will eat our minds after marriage moreover. Razia reveals to Noor that yasmeen’s gifts are with her in this dupatta. She makes Noor wear it. Surayya thoroughly considers how to get from here. Noor says I will come in at some point and considers extorting Shayra inwardly. She supposes she is setting off to her Ammi. Minister asks Shayra what is troubling her. Shayra says she is stuck between his obligation and love. Minister requests that her carry out her responsibility and says love is of God’s concern. Shayra says thanks to him and takes a choice. Minister supposes it is hard to stroll on this way.

Azaan calls Shayra and supposes where is she? Asgar supposes where is Surayya? Khalid asks Azaan where is Noor? Azaan requests that he get habituated to sit tight for her. Surayya thumps on the almari and says somebody please open the entryway. Razia brings Noor and causes her to sit infront of Khalid. She gets some information about Shayra. He says he will call her. Razia gets some information about Surayya. Asgar says you know her indignation. Razia says in the event that she had come, at that point she would have been glad. Qazi Saheb inquires as to whether she consents to wed Khalid and tells that the Mehr sum is 5 crores Rs. Noor thinks Shayra doesn’t consent to my condition.

Simply then Shayra comes there and requests that they stop. Razia asks where was you and what was the deal? Shayra advises that she needs to converse with Noor and requests that her come. Razia says Qazi Saheb was doing her marriage. Shayra says she won’t take much time. Surayya attempts to leave pantry. Shayra removes Noor from that point and reveals to her that she consents to her condition. She says I am prepared to give you Azaan. She says I have bombed in obligation and love’s jung, my obligation has won and my adoration has fizzled. Noor inquires as to whether she isn’t doing any joke with her. Shayra says my life has moved toward becoming joke, I can’t survive without Azaan and can’t see you passing on. She says I am prepared to separate Azaan so you can wed him.

Noor asks truly? Shayra looks on. Razia comes there and asks what was the deal? Noor says all is well and says whatever was not fine, Shayra made everything fine. She embraces Shayra and requests that her stop this marriage and says you set aside such a great amount of effort to concur that things left my hands. Razia asks what is the issue that you brought her here. Saba says Qazi Saheb is calling us. Noor goes. Surayya attempts to open the pantry. Noor returns. Shayra, Razia and others come. Khalid asks Qazi Saheb to do their nikah. Qazi Saheb inquires as to whether she consents to wed. Shayra thinks how to stop this marriage. Noor is going to state Qubool Hai when Surayya comes there. Azaan thrashes Khalid indignantly. Asgar and Razia attempt to stop Azaan. Azaan asks how could you contact Noor. He beats Khalid for contacting his Noori. Surayya requests that somebody call Police and says Azaan has gone frantic. Razia asks what is this frenzy? Azaan says he completed a shoddy thing and attempted to attack Noor. Noor takes a gander at Shayra. Shayra informed Azaan about it.

Precap: Razia slaps Khalid and says he will be rebuffed. Surayya curses Razia. Shayra is going to ask Azaan to wed Noor.


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