Bahu Begum 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Khalid thinks very soon they will be as one. Azaan takes Shayra to pool. Shayra asks what is this franticness? He says he is attempting to quiet down her indignation and don’t need any harshness between them. He says sorry and says he can see anything, however not tears in her eyes. He requests that her express what to do to expedite grin her face. Shayra asks will you do what I ask you? Azaan says yes. Shayra says might be I ask you something which you can’t do. Azaan says I can give my life for your bliss and says what’s more you will ask than this. He requests that her express what to do. Shayra requests that he separate from her and wed Noor.

Azaan giggles and requests that her avoid Noor. He says I thought your comical inclination is great, however yours is terrible than hers and says you can’t joke moreover. Shayra says she isn’t kidding. Azaan says this time isn’t for joke, yet for affection. He says he is going to room and requests that her come in at some point. He says he has arranged an astonishment for her. She says yet Noor is there and tuned in to them. She says what do you imagine that Azaan will concur. Shayra says he is feeling that I am clowning. Noor says you are simply saying and not driving him. She says on the off chance that you persuade him to wed me, at that point I will live, else will be alive in everybody’s recollections.

Mashuqa cries and reveals to Dilruba that Khalid can’t do anything incorrectly and curses Noor. She says begum sahiba will understand her mix-up and bring Khalid back. Razia calls Surayya and Asgar home. Surayya says Khalid cried a ton, we disregarded him in lock up. Razia says you would have shown him great qualities. She says I have chosen to give a lot of property and riches to philanthropy. Asgar says you can’t do this? Surayya says you don’t reserve the privilege to do this as this riches is of his dada. Razia says she is senior and satisfying the obligation given by her sasur. She says I requested that legal advisor prepare the papers. Surayya gets annoyed.

Shayra comes to room and discovers Azaan shirtless and wearing towel. He inquires as to why she is feeling timid and says you didn’t feel modest to come in my heart. She says you are in towel. He expresses gratitude toward her for demolishing his astonishment and says I couldn’t light every one of the candles. Shayra says she needs to converse with him. He says you can talk, however I have a condition, first discussion ought to be identified with adoration and second discussion ought to be identified with affection as it were. He attempts to kiss her. Noor strolls in their room and calls Azaan.

Azaan inquires as to for what reason did she come in his room. Noor says since when you are Paraya? He asks Shayra to gain from Noor, how to show directly on other’s thing. He requests that they talk and goes to wear his garments. Azaan tells Noor from washroom what Shayra had said. He turns out wearing garments and says Shayra requested that I separate from her and wed you and grins. Noor inquires as to for what reason is he grinning, sits on their bed beautified with blooms and says for what reason wouldn’t we be able to wed. Azaan says never. She inquires as to why? Azaan says I am now hitched. Noor says there is an answer and requests that he leave his better half. Azaan is stunned. He says second reason is I cherish my better half a great deal. Noor says you adore me too. Azaan says that is extraordinary. He says reason no 3. Noor says I would prefer not to hear and asks do you have reason not to wed me. Azaan says yes. Shayra says on the off chance that I ask you. Azaan says indeed, I can give my life for you. He asks Noor not to venture on the blooms. He goes as Razia calls him. Noor says Azaan has some different plans and requests that her persuade him.

Precap: Azaan asks Shayra for what reason did she do this. Razia demonstrates the legal documents. Shayra says Noor requested that I offer you to her.


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