Bahu Begum 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shayra says she needs to state something and enlightens that she was not kidding regarding Noor and her. Azaan goes. Razia peruses a letter and is stunned. Azaan goes to lobby. Shayra comes behind him and requests that he hear her out. Azaan says that joke was bad at all that you are rehashing. Noor says that was not a joke. Azaan says it is a breaking point for this joke.

Razia comes there and says it’s anything but a joke and says Shayra needs to separate from you and has documented the papers. She demonstrates the papers to Azaan. He is stunned and peruses the legal documents. He asks what is this. Shayra says I need separate from you, however I didn’t send these papers. Azaan says you ridiculed my affection and trust. Shayra says I didn’t send these papers. He inquires as to for what reason did you do this? Noor says Azaan. Azaan says let me converse with my significant other. He requests that her determine what has occurred. He inquires as to for what reason did she do this. Shayra says for Noor and says she lost everything as a result of me and asked you in return and that is you. Azaan says I am thing for you which Noor asked and you are giving. He says Noor needs Azaan and you are giving. Razia yells and says this separation won’t occur and marriage with Noor won’t occur. She says this is Azaan’s mom, Shayra’s relative and Noor’s badi ammi’s choice. She tears the legal documents and discards. Shayra requests that her hear her out once. Surayya and Asgar are viewing everything. She says I had said that a tempest will come in Razia’s home. She says it is yet to be checked whether she spares her regard or her child’s torment.

Razia converses with Shayra. Shayra says I have no alternative. Razia says my child is choice for you and says he cherished you a great deal and says she will esteem his sentiments. She says you have made me extremely upset additionally, I enjoyed you as I suspected you cherish him without a doubt, however your adoration is not as much as his affection. Shayra says I adore him more than he cherishes me. Razia inquires as to for what reason would you like to go out and Azaan whom gave you everything and says Meenu adored you as well. Shayra says she is restoring her favors. Razia says it was your obligation, however not of my child. Azaan vents out his displeasure on the things and cries resoundingly. Surayya copied the property papers. Noor supposes she shouldn’t have let Azaan wed Shayra from the start torment. Shayra feels agony seeing him in torment. Shayra attempts to stop Azaan. Azaan says I am a thing for you.

Razia says I thought you are adult and developed and says how might you ask Azaan as asking a thing. Noor says Azaan is hers and advises that you need him to wed me? Razia says Azaan is hitched to Shayra now. Azaan reveals to Shayra that she would have conversed with him about Noor’s interest and says for what reason did you send the legal documents? She says she didn’t send. Azaan asks her not to lie. He inquires as to whether she needs to separation and leave him.

Precap: Azaan and Noor are in the vehicle, when Shayra comes infront of his vehicle and gets hit by his vehicle.


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