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Yasmeen requests that her overlook that. Razia says today is the Happy minutes and causes her to eat desserts. She asks where is the Bhopal’s eventual bahu begum Noor. Noor is appeared and converses with frame of mind. Azaan’s sister says even my mum genuine bahu begum doesn’t have frame of mind. She says how you will wed Azaan. Noor says he is my beloved companion. Yasmeen reveals to Razia that she ought to have informed Azaan concerning Noor. Razia says she realizes what is in his heart. Mashuqa comes there. Razia blessings her studs. She gives gold bangles to Sakina as guaranteed to her on Azaan’s arrival.

Surayya professes to black out. Razia says she thinks about her treatment. She says I brought present for you, yet you are unwell. Surayya says she is fine and acknowledges the blessing. Her brother by marriage well done her and gets his blessing. Razia asks yasmeen what she needs. He says bahu begum gave you Azaan and asks what else you need. Surayya says Noor isn’t appropriate for Azaan and says she will get disgrace settlement and not gold. Noor is moving in somebody’s wedding. An elderly person takes a gander at her. Noor slaps him. His significant other inquires as to for what reason did you slap my better half. Elderly person advises that he was attempting to stall out bangle out from her dress. Noor discovers bangles adhered to her dress and grins.

Asgar discloses to Yasmeen that Noor tells everybody that she is would be bahu begum of Bhopal. Yasmeen says she is loquacious, yet not state this. Surayya says she doesn’t care for such bahu. Razia says I don’t need such bahu who brought up issue at me. She says I realize who makes Azaan complete. Noor tells the general population that she is would be bahu begum. The general population figure who will make her bahu begum. Noor goes to the dargah and requests absolution for slapping the elderly person. She ties blessed string. Shayra completes the process of imploring Namaz and says it isn’t right. Noor tells that she will nourish the eager individuals. Shayra requests that her apologize to the individual, she hurt him. She tells that is he don’t need address and tells that numerous relatives of hers have done Hajj. She says she gets what she needs. She goes. Her string tumbles down. Shayra gets it and ties it. She petitions God for her.

Razia goes to the Dargah and says my heart beat, my Azaan is returning. She demonstrates Noor pic to the cleric there. Azaan goes to the dargah and takes a gander at Shayra. Cleric thinks history is going to rehash itself. Yasmeen comes and says Azaan came. Razia heads out to meet Azaan. Qawwali is sung by certain men. Azaan and Razia meet. He says Ammi and gets sad eyes. She takes a gander at him and cries with bliss. She embraces him. Yasmeen comes there and grins. Razia says I was longing to see you. Azaan says day by day you used to converse with me. She says britishers made you lean. Azaan says for what reason didn’t you come to London. She says some of the time separation is vital. He says when you talks overwhelming exchanges, you looks charming.

Yasmeen says your Ammi is your bahu begum. He welcomes her and embraces her. He gets some information about Noor. They see something tumbling down. Safina says she slipped. Razia sees Safina’s significant other made her bangles worn by another person. She inquires as to whether your significant other lifted hand on you. Safina says no. Razia inquires as to for what reason did you wed her when you needed to make others wear bangle. Safina’s letter tells that the lady is his subsequent spouse and says he adores Safina even at this point. Razia says love isn’t philanthropy which is circulated to many. Safina’s better half says our religion grant 4 marriage and says by what means can a deserted lady get it. Azaan blows up.

He wipes his mom’s tears and reviews his dad leaving them in his youth and promising her that he won’t let tears come in her eyes. Razia discloses to him this is dargah. Azaan hauls him. Safina’s better half says your mom is the deserted lady, this is reality. Azaan kicks him and makes him tumble down. He says Azaan Akhtar Mirza can hold up under anything, yet can’t manage three things, affront of my religion, country and mother. He beats Safina’s significant other seriously and makes him harmed. He hits him for making tamasha of the nikah, ridiculing religion and for offending his mum. Shayra comes there and calls Azaan. Azaan quits beating him. She demonstrates him fingers checking 54321. She tells verse and quiets him down. He wipes his hand with her dupatta.

Safina’s significant other says 4 marriage are allowed in Islam. Shayra contends with him and tells that different marriage is conceivable in certain circumstances. She says you haven’t get Islam and tells his other spouse that Islam don’t allow to grab first wife rights and provide for other. Razia asks who are you? She says I didn’t see you previously. Azaan says she is the amazement for you which I discussed. He says she is Shayra Syed and she considered with me in London. Shayra says more often than not older folks talk about marriage, yet I have no one so I am discussing my marriage. She says Azaan and I need to wed one another. Razia is stunned and says I have guaranteed another person for Azaan. He asks whom? Noor comes and says me. She cries. Azaan and Shayra take a gander at her.

Precap: Noor reveals to Azaan that he needs to wed her. Asgar says bhaiyya completed two relational unions and now Azaan will do likewise. Minister says two relational unions will happen once more.


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