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The Episode starts with Noor going from dargah crying. Azaan runs at the back of her and asks what is all this? He says our marriage? Noor says why can’t show up and says due to the fact formative years I concealed all of your secrets and techniques, you used to watch film and that i used to lie. I used to get scolded on your mistake. She says she cried lots and says you’ll marry him. She says you talked to me day by day on video name, however didn’t tell me. Azaan says I need to wonder you. He says you would have instructed me. Noor says bade ammi desired to marvel you and says she is long gone because of their marvel. She says you don’t love me. Azaan says i really like you very much like one pal loves another, however I did Ishq with someone else. Shayra gets teary eyes hearing him. She says I heard a good deal about Noor from him and could have acknowledged that comradeship is love for her. Noor says your Ammi gave the phrase, now alliance is constant, you may’t alternate. Shayra says I shall pass from right here. Azaan calls her asking to forestall. Noor holds Shayra’s hand and asks where are you going, snatching my groom. She comes to Razia and tells that you have promised me that you will get me married to Azaan and will make me bahu begum. Yasmeen asks her to speak at domestic. Noor says i will combat for the entirety which is mine and says why to fight for someone who is not hers. She asks Razia to get Azaan and Shayra married. Azaan receives satisfied. Noor says you don’t love me then how can we marry? Azaan hugs her and says you’re mad. She says she knows. Yasmeen blesses her.

Shayra tells Noor that her coronary heart is very massive. Noor says i am giving my hassle to you. She asks Yasmeen where is that chaddar which Razia wanted Azaan and his would be wife to preserve the chadar. Azaan and Shayra are about to hold the floral chaddar on the mazaar, however Shayra slips and Noor holds it. They have a look at every different. Priest opens his eyes and says Bhopal were given burnt years in the past with marriages and identical aspect is going to manifest once more. Azaan comes domestic with Noor and Shayra and imagines his formative years with Razia. He imagines Razia jogging behind him. Razia smiles looking at him. Azaan tells Shayra that this is our …..Shayra says home and gets emotional. She turns to Razia and says she become 7 years antique whilst her ammi and abbu died. Razia says we are able to’t take their region and says they will love her. Azaan says even me. Yasmeen says badmash. Azaan says you are my first lady friend. Noor feels not noted as absolutely everyone is speakme to Azaan and Shayra. Yasmeen takes Azaan to make him devour sheer khorma. Razia says she is seeing this dream due to the fact 5 years. Shayra continues to be teary eyes. Razia says would be bahu begum shall not have tears in her eyes and asks Noor to transport. She makes Shayra take a seat with Azaan. Saba comes and takes their snap shots ignoring Noor. Noor receives upset and goes. Yasmeen realizes Noor’s unhappiness and gets hiccups.

Asgar Miyan sees Noor going and thinks from where this begum got here. He calls Dilruba. Dilruba goes to him. Asgar asks how this has befell? She asks what befell in the dargah. Yasmeen involves Noor and asks what happened? Noor says i am dead. Yasmeen says nowadays my Noor has grown up. Noor hugs her and cries. She says I don’t need to be grown up and says nobody is calling me what I lost? Yasmeen asks if you love Azaan? Noor says did he see his face in the reflect? She says I wanted to be bahu begum and wear elegant jewelry like Bade ammi. She says she desires pricey anklet and so forth. yasmeen says i’m able to beat you and runs in the back of her protecting chappal. Razia, Azaan and Shayra comes there. Razia tells that Noor is Noor. Shayra says you could keep all of the presents. Noor says I don’t want those gift, want to have an amazing groom than Azaan. Asgar tells Surayya that Azaan introduced an orphan lady Shayra from London. Surayya says it is right as the wedding will no longer happen with servant’s daughter Noor. He says what would have happened? Surayya says Noor might have kicked us out after becoming bahu begum. Asgar says i have heard that Shayra made Safina’s mouth closed along with her phrases and inspired Razia. Asgar’s son Khali comes there and asks him to talk to Noor about his marriage along with his marriage.

Razia asks Noor about her idea of her groom. Noor says he will be wealthy and have tons money. She says he shall now not forestall her from purchasing. Saba asks her to marry Salman Khan. Noor says there’s an age hole. Shayra asks about love? Noor says it’ll manifest after marriage. Razia says you’re proper and he’s going to fall in love with you. Noor says in which she will be able to get Azaan like groom and says he delivered girl for himself. Yasmeen says i’m able to beat you and says wherein we are able to discover suitable man than Azaan. Khalid comes and says i’m able to marry Noor and shows ring. Noor goes to him and throws the hoop which is in Khalid’s hand. It falls near Surayya’s ft. Surayya selections it. She comes close to them. Noor says you will marry me sporting specifications. Khalid says you had said that you want wealth and says i’ve cash. He says i’ve 2500 Rs and says you will become choti begum. Noor says you can’t see without specs, you stammers and might’t walk properly. She asks him to forget about about marriage along with her. yasmeen apologizes to Surayya. Surayya says why you are apologizing and says we came to make an apology to Azaan as we couldn’t come to dargah. She says Noor is proper, she shall get rich man and says such guy is just one, Azaan Akhtar Mirza. Asgar smiles.

Surayya asks yasmeen to tell Noor to become Azaan’s 2nd wife. Razia is irritated. Yasmeen asks what are you announcing? Asgar says that is my khandaan’s doings. He says my bhaijaan married two times. Razia recollects her husband’s remarriage and shouts Asgar’s name. Asgar says son continually follow his father’s footsteps. Razia says Azaan is having my upbringing and says Azaan will no longer do his father’s mistake. Surayya says we are pronouncing this for Noor as you have given her a word. Asgar says Azaan has the wealth to give them similarly. Azaan is irritated. Khalid may be very angry. Shayra says wealth may be distributed, but not love. She says Noor gets a life associate who will love her only. Asgar says your might be bahu is like bhabhi jaan. Noor says there may be higher woman than Shayra for Azaan. Razia thanks her for spoiling their happiness and asks him no longer to initiate the argument. Khalid fumes and leaves. Azaan says ache is antique, however ointment is new. Shayra blesses them. Noor says truly, they will as i’m able to stay with them. all of them giggle.

Precap: Razia tells Azaan about marriage statement. Qazi asks Azaan if he is prepared to sign on the wedding statement paper. Noor says I need to say something.


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