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Shayra discloses to Noor that her heart is exceptionally huge. Noor says I am giving my inconvenience to you. She asks Yasmeen where is that chaddar which Razia needed Azaan and his eventual spouse to keep the chadar. Azaan and Shayra are going to keep the botanical chaddar on the mazaar, yet Shayra slips and Noor holds it. They take a gander at one another. Minister opens his eyes and says Bhopal got singed years prior with two relational unions and same thing will happen once more. Azaan gets back home with Noor and Shayra and envisions his youth with Razia. He envisions Razia running behind him.

Razia grins taking a gander at him. Azaan discloses to Shayra this is our … ..Shayra says home and gets enthusiastic. She goes to Razia and says she was 7 years of age when her ammi and abbu passed on. Razia says we can’t have their spot and says they will love her. Azaan says even me. Yasmeen says badmash. Azaan says you are my first sweetheart. Noor feels disregarded as everybody is conversing with Azaan and Shayra. Yasmeen takes Azaan to cause him to eat sheer khorma. Razia says she is seeing this fantasy since 5 years. Shayra is as yet mournful eyes. Razia says would be bahu begum will not have tears in her eyes and asks Noor to move. She makes Shayra sit with Azaan. Saba comes and takes their pics disregarding Noor. Noor gets steamed and goes. Yasmeen understands Noor’s misery and gets hiccups.

Asgar Miyan sees Noor proceeding to think from where this begum came. He calls Dilruba. Dilruba goes to him. Asgar asks how this has occurred? She asks what occurred in the dargah. Yasmeen comes to Noor and asks what was the deal? Noor says I am dead. Yasmeen says today my Noor has grown up. Noor embraces her and cries. She says I would prefer not to be adult and says no one is asking me what I lost? Yasmeen inquires as to whether you cherish Azaan? Noor says did he see his face in the mirror? She says I needed to be bahu begum and wear tasteful adornments like Bade ammi. She says she needs expensive anklet and so on yasmeen says I will beat you and keeps running behind her holding chappal.

Razia, Azaan and Shayra comes there. Razia tells that Noor will be Noor. Shayra says you can keep every one of the endowments. Noor says I don’t need these blessing, need to have a decent man of the hour than Azaan. Asgar discloses to Surayya that Azaan brought a vagrant young lady Shayra from London. Surayya says it is great as the marriage won’t occur with hireling’s girl Noor. He says what might have occurred? Surayya says Noor would have shown us out subsequent to getting to be bahu begum. Asgar says I have heard that Shayra made Safina’s mouth shut with her words and intrigued Razia. Asgar’s child Khali comes there and requests that he converse with Noor about his marriage with his marriage.

Razia gets some information about her concept of her husband to be. Noor says he will be rich and have a lot of cash. She says he will not prevent her from shopping. Saba requests that her wed Salman Khan. Noor says there is an age hole. Shayra gets some information about affection? Noor says it will occur after marriage. Razia says you are great and he will become hopelessly enamored with you. Noor says where she will get Azaan like man of the hour and says he brought young lady for himself. Yasmeen says I will beat you and says where we will discover hero than Azaan. Khalid comes and says I will wed Noor and shows ring. Noor goes to him and tosses the ring which is in Khalid’s grasp. It falls close to Surayya’s feet. Surayya picks it. She draws close to them. Noor says you will wed me wearing specs. Khalid says you had said that you need riches and says I have cash. He says I have 2500 Rs and says you will move toward becoming choti begum. Noor says you can’t see without specs, you stammers and can’t walk appropriately. She gets some information about marriage with her. yasmeen apologizes to Surayya. Surayya says why you are saying ‘sorry’ and says we came to apologize to Azaan as we couldn’t come to dargah. She says Noor is correct, she will get rich person and says such person is only one, Azaan Akhtar Mirza. Asgar grins.

Surayya asks yasmeen to advise Noor to turn into Azaan’s subsequent spouse. Razia is irate. Yasmeen asks what are you saying? Asgar says this is my khandaan’s doings. He says my bhaijaan wedded twice. Razia reviews her significant other’s remarriage and yells Asgar’s name. Asgar says child consistently pursue his dad’s strides. Razia says Azaan is having my childhood and says Azaan won’t do his dad’s slip-up. Surayya says we are stating this for Noor as you have given her a word. Asgar says Azaan has the riches to give them similarly. Azaan is furious. Khalid is exceptionally irate. Shayra says riches can be disseminated, yet not adore. She says Noor will take up some kind of hobby accomplice who will love her as it were. Asgar says your future bahu resembles bhabhi jaan. Noor says there can be preferable young lady over Shayra for Azaan. Razia says thanks to her for ruining their joy and asks him not to incite the contention. Khalid exhaust and leaves. Azaan says torment is old, however treatment is new. Shayra favors them. Noor says definitely, they will as I will remain with them. They all snicker.

Precap: Razia informs Azaan regarding marriage declaration. Qazi inquires as to whether he is prepared to sign on the marriage declaration paper. Noor says I need to state something.


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