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Khalid exhaust in indignation considering Noor’s words. Azaan and Noor converse with Shayra about one another. Noor asks Shayra from where she is coming? She says you are not my companion. Shayra says I need to turn into your companion. Noor says it is difficult to be my companion and says you need to buckle down. Shayra gives her endowments. Noor gets glad to get numerous endowments and says closest companions and embraces Shayra. Azaan says you overlooked your old companion. Noor says you are my closest companion and embraces him. Shayra attempts to go. Azaan holds her hand. Melody plays once more. Khalid takes a gander at Azaan and Noor furiously.

Minister petitions God for their bliss. Azaan comes to Razia and says even now you are making popcorn in this cooker. She asks did you come here to ridicule your Ammi. Azaan apologizes to her. Razia says its alright. She says I can complete a wrongdoing of breaking the guarantee, however can’t make you extremely upset who cherishes her really. He says I didn’t let you know. Razia says she knows, much the same as she realizes that Shayra is remaining outside and hearing us. Shayra comes inside. Razia reveals to them that she has no gripes with Azaan or her. Shayra chuckles. Azaan discloses to Razia that he was feeling the loss of her popcorn and says he will have it day by day at 2 am in night. They giggle.

Razia completes her Namaz and asks yasmeen what she is thinking. Yasmeen says at whatever point Noor opens her mouth, she talks something incorrectly. She says she is concerned hearing Noor’s discussion with Khalid. She says they won’t get it. Razia says Noor didn’t snicker at Khalid. She says I can do as such much, however can’t as I need to keep the family joined together. Azaan goes to Shayra’s room and requests the compliment. Shayra says you are my decision. Tere ishq hai… plays. He attempts to kiss her, Shayra moves from that point. He says you will not keep running from your decision and gets sentimental. Noor comes there to give Shayra’s lipstick. She sees him romancing and says Azaan knows just this. Azaan says he didn’t do anything and it was Shayra who was demanding. Shayra says it isn’t that way. Azaan discloses to Noor that they will wed as Shayra isn’t intrigued to wed her. Noor says she don’t care for recycled spouse. Azaan says he is unadulterated even at this point. They pull his ears. They come ground floor. Khalid takes a gander at Noor and says she is only mine.

All visitors have accumulated here. Razia asks Qazi Qasim to peruse the elan e nikah. He peruses that Azaan Akhtar Mirza, child of Ayub Akhtar Mirza. Azaan says I don’t acknowledge this and says I would prefer not to be called as his child who left us. He says I am only my Ammi’s child, she is my mom and father moreover. Surayya snickers and discloses to her better half that show will begin now. Qazi asks Razia to cause him to get it. Razia says it is essential. Shayra asks would i be able to state something and tells that deen instructs us that the paradise is there underneath mother’s feet and mom’s place is multiple times in excess of a dad. She says then for what reason can’t a mother’s name be added to child’s name. Qazi Saheb says I don’t have answer for this inquiry. He inquires as to whether he is prepared to sign on the elan e nikah papers.

He calls him Azaan Razia Akhtar Mirza. Everybody is glad to hear Razia’s name with Azaan. Asgar is disturbed. Noor’s thumb get injured with her stud and blood leaves her thumb.

Azaan signs on the papers and provides for Qazi. Noor says I need to state something. She asks would i be able to peruse elan e nikah, says it was my right, yet Azaan picked her. She peruses the elan e nikah and embraces Shayra. Her blood impression leave on the elan e nikah card.

Precap: Surayya discloses to Razia that Shayra went to Azaan’s live with him. They go there and see Azaan and Shayra leaving room.


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