Bahu Begum 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asgar says where he took Noor? Surayya says they will not return, Bahu begum will broke and Bhopal will be all our own. Noor asks what is this franticness? Azaan says you have begun this franticness, you need to kick the bucket, lets bite the dust together. Shayra is driving the other vehicle and calls him, yet he rejects the call.

Azaan asks Noor for what good reason she got apprehensive. Noor says you couldn’t get me and requests that he increment the speed and says lets see who kicks the bucket first.

Azaan says it is just plain wrong to grab somebody’s adoration. Noor says Shayra is a major criminal to grab you, Ammi and Faiz. Azaan says I was never yours. Noor says you are my right. Shayra is behind his vehicle and requests that he stop. She supposes to make an alternate route and stop Azaan. Azaan requests that her leave her fantasy to wed him. She says she can’t. Azaan says I can’t live with you, yet beyond words you. He drives the vehicle towards the valley. Shayra is remaining close there, gets hit by his vehicle and tumbles from the precipice. Noor says we need to look Shayra.

Noor and Azaan attempt to get down the bluff. Azaa yells Shayra. Mashuqa tells that Noor was progressed toward becoming tigress from dairy animals and is doing dramatization day by day. Dilruba says Razia will deal with her and requests that her make nourishment. Mashuqa gets stressed for Shayra and Azaan. Noor and Azaan scan for Shayra. Noor appeals to God for her life. Azaan discovers her dupatta stuck on a tree. He yells Shayra.

Razia calls Police and gets some information about their vehicle numbers. Surayya discloses to Asgar that Khalid is in prison due to Shayra. Noor finds harmed Shayra. Razia appeals to God and tells that she has never griped anything. Azaan is as yet looking through her. Noor attempts to go and to let him know, however Shayra’s arm jewelery stalls out with her dupatta. Noor reviews the happenings, liberates her dupatta and leaves quietly. Razia implores God and requests to excuse their wrongdoings and bring her children back. Noor reviews yasmeen telling that Shayra and Azaan will deal with her and that she views Shayra as her little girl. She turns towards Shayra again and calls Azaan there. She says Shayra is here. Azaan comes to Shayra and says you will be fine, nothing will transpire. Noor says I can’t take anybody’s demise on my dead, tears her dupatta and ties on Shayra’s head. Azaan lifts Shayra and takes her from that point.

The gatekeepers advise Razia about Azaan’s vehicle. Razia is stunned. In the emergency clinic, Noor discloses to Shayra that nothing will happen to her. Azaan advises that she needs to state something. Shayra gives his deliver Noor’s hand. Azaan is stunned.

Precap: Azaan discloses to Noor that he will wed her, however will love Shayra for his entire life. He says we have isolated, yet you will be separated from everyone else all life. Noor thinks to demonstrate to him her terrible side.


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