Bahu Begum 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yasmeen requests that her vibe bashful atleast infront of Faiz’s folks. Noor feels bashful and leave. Azaan says Noor exaggerates. Razia says Noor and Faiz’s mehendi, haldi and marriage will occur nearby Azaan and Shayra’s marriage customs. she says we will do haldi and commitment tomorrow. Rahman says alright. Khalid hears and says this can’t occur. Surayya converses with her better half Asgar and says they need to accomplish something. She consumes something and says she don’t just say, however do likewise. She says that London young lady cut your sibling’s name from elan e nikah. She says she will make us leave.

Azaan converses with shayra about his cycle. She contemplates his youth sweetheart. He says he is discussing the cycle. A fb is appeared, he thinks back yasmeen pursuing him to request that he have nourishment. He embraces her. fb closes. He informs her concerning yasmeen khala and requests that her sit on the cycle. She requests that he recollect that mortar don’t look great on the lady of the hour’s feet. She sits on the cycle. O Saathi chal… tune plays… ..They play in the nursery and appreciate. They return. Noor is remaining there and whistle, says it is shut there. She says you don’t give me a chance to contact the cycle and made Shayra sit on it. Azaan says this is the distinction among companion and love. Noor asks Shayra to accompany her and says in the event that we have a battle, at that point Azaan will feel that we are battling for him. She takes Shayra with her. Azaan requests that her arrival Shayra.

Khalid is crying. Surayya chastens him and reveals to Asgar that they need to take care of London wali. Asgar says they will accomplish something. Shayra asks Noor for what good reason did she concur for marriage so soon. Noor says she acted to feel timid and played with the dupatta. Shayra says do you know him? Noor says he has great looks, cash and house. Shayra gets some information about cash. Noor says it occurs after marriage in orchestrated relational unions and says young ladies state yes confiding in fate. She says everybody isn’t appearing as though you. She says after children are conceived, at that point children occur. She says Faiz is going to come tomorrow, I don’t need dark circles and will rest. Azaan comes there and takes Shayra with him. Shayra asks where are you taking me? Azaan says to my room before anybody sees us. Surayya thinks to give this news to Razia and supposes they are going through the night together.

Razia asks Yasmeen to make Noor’s dupatta prepared as marriage is following 3 days. Yasmeen says on the off chance that I had thought about Shayra, at that point would have made dupatta for her moreover. Surayya comes there and says wedding night will happen today. Razia yells at her. Surayya says Shayra went to his room. She says don’t have the foggiest idea what they are doing now. Razia says Shayra isn’t care for such young ladies. They go to Azaan’s room and thump on the entryway. Surayya says they are occupied and that is the reason not opening the entryway. Azaan and Shayra leave room.

Precap: Surayya discloses to Razia that her future bahu is extremely equipped. Razia indignantly asks Shayra to go to Noor’s room.


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