Bahu Begum 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Razia telling Shayra that these flowers are not sent by Azaan as he knows that you are allergic to it. She tells Dilruba that she will send him with Surayya and Asgar and says yesterday you did helped them in forum and today…Dilruba says sorry and goes. Shayra says may be Dilruba did it untentionally. Razia says wrong thing is a sin and says whatever happened by you was unintentionally and not a sin. Shayra hugs her. Razia gives her gift. Shayra wears it. Dilruba comes to Noor and tells that Razia caught him with the flowers as he was about to give it to her. Noor blinds Dilruba and asks him to say. Dilruba tells that he tried to give the flowers to Shayra when Razia came there. Noor asks him to count till 100 and says she is going out. She throws the flowers. Razia tells

that car is waiting outside. Noor wishes Shayra happy birthday and when Shayra forwards her hand to hug her. Noor asks what do you think that I want to hug you and says it is not my habit to fall on other’s neck like you. She asks where are you going? Shayra says Ammi’s function. Noor says some people lie so much. Shayra comes out. Noor says she is going with Azaan and will be late. Shayra asks her not to make him have cold drink after dinner. Noor gets angry and sees the white cement pit there. She asks Shayra if this car is for you. Shayra comes near the pit. Noor makes her fall down in the pit and says good bye Shayra. Shayra asks for help. Noor sits in the car and asks driver to drive. Driver says Shayra Madam was about to come. Noor asks him to drive. She asks driver to start the car before it crosses the gate and asks the man if the cement work going on and asks about its quality. She says good.
The man turns out to be Khalid. A fb is shown, Noor asks Khalid to do her work and cement plan was hers. Fb ends. Noor thinks she will spend time with Azaan today. Shayra tries to come out of the cement pit. Dilruba counts till 100 and removes his blind fold. He finds his feet stuck in the cement in Noor’s room where he was standing. He shouts for help. Razia comes there and asks what happened? Dilruba tells her that Noor made him stand here and asks him to count. Noor reaches the charity function and asks where is Azaan. The people there asks her about her thoughts and asks if she thinks the same like Razia about charity. Noor asks where is Azaan and goes behind someone calling him Azaan. The orphanage lady thinks she is Shayra Azaan Akhtar Mirza, but the other lady corrects her. The lady asks Noor to come to the function, but Noor runs behind the man. She asks where is Azaan? He says he don’t know. She asks about him wearing Azaan’s clothes. He says he was not having proper clothes so Azaan gave him. Noor gets angry.

Shayra thinks cement is drying up and finds herself stuck. Azaan comes there and tells that this shall happen with her. He asks how she fell? She says she slipped and fell down. Azaan asks her not to cover up Noor’s wrong doings. He tells her a story about Naagin and a good girl. Shayra says Naagin knows to bite and the girl knows to help. Azaan takes her out of the pit and cleans her clothes with water. Yeh ishq jaan lena plays….

Noor is about to leave, but the kids asks her to come, says their function can’t start without her. Mashuqa sees Azaan and Shayra together and thinks to tell Razia that she is fine. Azaan tells Shayra that he doesn’t know that her birthday would be so special like this. Shayra says when you are with me, it becomes special. Azaan says I want to show my right on you and is about to kiss her. She pushes him and throws water on him with the water pipe. Azaan looks at her. Shayra says sorry and says I have ruined your gift. Azaan asks her not to spoil her mood due to a gift. He says your clothes are wet, if you go by walk then the floor will be drenched and someone may slip. He lifts her and says you have become heavy. Shayra says Azaan.

Noor tells Mrs. Thakur, orphanage lady that she has to leave. Mrs. Thakur says one last thing is remaining. Noor asks what? Azaan takes Shayra to room where he got the cake ready. Yeh ishq jaanlega….plays…Shayra is happy. Noor is standing infront of the kids. Kids wishes her happy birthday. Noor says she is not Shayra. The kids say Shayra was sweet. The media asks if she will not cut the cake. Noor says I will cut Shayra’s cake and cuts the cake angrily. Shayra cuts the cake while Azaan wishes her happy birthday. Shayra thanks him. He asks what did you ask? Shayra says I thanked God for giving me you as my husband.

Precap: Noor blames Azaan for his planning. Azaan says you did all the planning and blaming me. Noor thinks to do something bad with Shayra.


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