Bahu Begum 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Azaan coming to room. Shayra hugs him and cries. Azaan says i will’t see Noor’s condition. Shayra asks him to move and proportion her pain. Azaan is going to Noor. Shayra thinks to take meals for her. Azaan involves Noor. Noor is ingesting laddoos nevertheless. She cries and hugs him. She serves meals for her in the plate and receives scared about the incident. Shayra brings meals to noor’s room and maintains it for her. Azaan makes Noor have meals and asks her to listen to him as soon as. He asks her to shift to other room. Noor says i’m able to no longer cross everywhere, I feel Ammi right here. Azaan says ok. She rests on his lap. Shayra symptoms him to make her sleep. He sings lullaby/song for Noor. Noor sleeps on his lap. Shayra comes there and kisses Noor’s cheeks, runs out crying. Azaan feels bad for her. Shayra gives Namaaz and says I didn’t recognize if I did a mistake or sin, but I just recognize that the hearth turned into set off, however noor continues to be burning. She asks Allah to reveal the manner to go back smile on her face, says if she has to give her existence for her then she will suppose that it is a cheap deal. Noor wakes up and finds Azaan slumbering there. She smiles.

Surayya comes and says you are smiling these days. Noor says Azaan is with me. Surayya says they are very poisonous and asks do you know what they’re going to do? Asgar brings newspaper to Razia and tells that the information is in opposition to Shayra. He says humans are speakme sick about her. Razia says it’s far a noise and we will now not be stricken. Asgar says you can forget about their talks, but Shayra is a touch lady and may’t forget about the taunts and it will damage Shayra. He says in case you want then you can prevent their taunts. He asks her to ship Shayra to dargah to present chadar in dargah. Razia says do you need me to do this at the moment, and says i’ve misplaced my sister and might’t allow this show up now. He says if you don’t allow this rasam appear then human beings will assume which you hold her responsible. Razia asks him to make arrangements of rasam. Surayya brings Noor there and makes her hear this.

Noor runs far from there. Surayya provokes Noor towards Razia, Azaan and Shayra. She says she is heartless and has snatched the whole thing from you. She says she snatched even Azaan and you could’t do some thing. She says if i used to be for your area then wouldn’t have allow them to live in peace. She says are you able to kill her, similar to she killed your Ammi. She says justice says that eye inexchange of eye and lifestyles inexchange of lifestyles. She says you will no longer get justice as you are servant’s daughter. She says bahu begum don’t care for your ammi’s friendship or her life. They forgot everything. She asks her to forget the whole lot and goes.

Razia tells Shayra about chadar rasam. Shayra says you have got seen Noor’s circumstance. Azaan says Shayra will do it later. Razia says it isn’t a jashn and says we need to gift the chadar in dargah and pray for Meenu to get jannat and peace for Noor. She says we have to move for Noor. Azaan says good enough, we are able to do this rasam. Shayra cries. Razia says she feels pain to look tears in her eyes and says Insha Allah, existence will come up with a hazard to grin again. Shayra hugs her and cries.

Noor is stressed and thinks of Surayya’s phrases. Razia, Surayya and Shayra go to Dargah. Azaan calls Noor and thinks why she isn’t always picking the decision. Noor involves Dargah sporting burqa and hijaab. She moves veil from her face and check his name. She rejects his call. Azaan gets tensed. Noor is preserving knife in her hand. Razia turns towards her. Noor turns her face. Razia gives chadar to Shayra. Shayra offers the chadar inside the dargah. They pray. Razia and Surayya cross away from there to tie the holy thread while Shayra is still praying. Surayya smiles. Noor cries and lifts the veil from her face. Shayra opens her eyes and sees Noor standing there. Noor runs away. Shayra runs behind her and asks her to forestall. Noor takes out the knife.

Precap: Noor tells Shayra that the 1/3 murder can be on her head too and stabs the knife.


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