Bahu Begum 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Noor says this isn’t right else you would have remain by me. Razia says Noor. She requests that her comprehend that Shayra completed a slip-up and not a wrongdoing. She says it was a mishap. Noor says it was my Ammi’s homicide. Saba faults Shayra and says in the event that she had grabbed my Ammi, at that point I would have slaughtered her. Azaan says Saba. Surayya gets cheerful. Razia reproves Saba for meddling in older folks talk. Asgar says opportunity has arrived to express bye to yasmeen bi.

Surayya comes to Noor and acts to assuage with her. She murmurs to her that they don’t esteem your tears and can’t sympathize with their riches and others’ torment. She says they will act now when yasmeen bi body is taken for burial service. She says on the off chance that she truly thinks about yasmeen or you, at that point Shayra would have been in prison. Noor cries. Shayra reveals to Noor that she sympathizes with her torment and apologizes. Noor says you will get discipline from law and God. Azaan says burial service opportunity arrived. Noor gets up and says no one will go to the memorial service from every one of you. She goes to Razia and says in the event that you need to visit, at that point you need to restore the privilege of fellowship and need to pick between my Ammi and bahu. She says you need to guarantee that you will get my Ammi’s criminal rebuffed. Shayra cries.

Razia asks her not to do this and says Meenu will never need any blameless individual to get rebuffed. Noor says she isn’t honest and says Ammi will find a sense of contentment when Shayra gets rebuffed. Azaan is going to hold the yasmeen’s dead body. Noor stops him. Azaan says enough and tells that she was his Ammi moreover. He says she used to deal with him like her very own child and says she is my Ammi and I am her child, I will see who will prevent me from doing my Ammi’s memorial service. He says matter isn’t about you and Shayra, yet about my Ammi, and no one will prevent me from offering her bye. He cries and says sorry for neglecting to spare her. He is sorry to her.

After at some point, he covers yasmeen’s face. Shayra draws close to the dead body. Noor pushes her creation her fall severely. She reveals to Azaan that Shayra remains here then her Ammi’s janaza won’t go. Razia removes Shayra from that point. Azaan thinks about yasmeen’s words that he can’t lift her. Asgar, Khalid and others hold the janaza and take from that point. Noor separates and cries. Razia and Shayra see from the window. Teri nazar se… Maa melody plays… .Noor turns out and cries considering her mom. Razia additionally reviews the great occasions with yasmeen. Noor yells Ammi. Razia says Alvida Meenu, Allah will give you Jannat. Shayra cries and heads inside. Surayya discloses to Razia that now she understand why you cherished her so much and says we will turn out to be each other help, I can’t have Yasmeen’s spot, however don’t feel alone. Razia embraces her and cries.

Shayra cries severely and considers promising Yasmeen. Razia conciliates her. Shayra is melancholy. Noor goes to her consumed room and envisions Yasmeen there. She takes out the laddoos kept by yasmeen and begins eating it (oddly, the laddoos are not consumed in flame) Azaan and Shayra cries seeing her. Surayya comes to Shayra and tells that Noor has no one next to her, not by any means her closest companion. She says couple of relations are grabbed and couple of relations are broken. Shayra goes. Surayya gets stunned when Asgar keeps hand on her shoulder. She says you frightened me. Asgar says Jashn came days and requests that her give them damage and I will make it wound. She grins.

Precap: Surayya incites Noor to execute Shayra. Shayra goes to Dargah. Noor goes behind her wearing burqa grasping blade.


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