Bahu Begum 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asgar says but..Surayya says I acknowledge it. Khalid goes. Surayya apologizes to them. Shayra covers Noor with dupatta. She discloses to Asgar that this young lady needs to pay for the wrongdoings. Azaan comes there and asks what occurred. Shayra says we… Azaan says we are getting hitched, not Noor and you. He asks what happened to Noor. Shayra says she is worn out. Azaan says I will knead your feet. Noor requests that he do. Azaan says I will miss you after your marriage. Noor embraces him. Shayra embraces them. Razia and Yasmeen watch them. Razia says no one’s awful sight will fall on them. Later Shayra asks Noor not to cry her tears for individual like Khalid and requests that her handle herself. Yasmeen comes there and asks what’s going on with they. Shayra says we were talking.

Yasmeen makes Noor wear wedding dupatta and says no one’s terrible sight will fall on her, not in any case my sight. Noor cries. She says you was buckling down on this dupatta since numerous days and would have gotten it from market. Yasmeen says it has my endowments and love, and it will be with you generally, when I was not with you. Noor says you are not unreasonably old. Yasmeen inquires as to whether she is crying considering marriage. Noor says how to live there away from all of you. Yasmeen says Azaan will deal with you when I go a long way from you. Noor says I simply need my Ammi. Shayra supposes I never conceal anything from Azaan till now and thinks how to shroud it now.

Azaan brings a pizza for her and inquires as to why she is looking stressed. Shayra says nothing. Azaan says you get lines on your temple when you are focused. He inquires as to whether she is stressed over Noor and says Faiz will keep her upbeat. They have the pizza. She is beset considering seeing Khalid in Noor’s room. She inquires as to whether he has any privileged insights with Noor and inquires as to whether he can share. Azaan says whatever we have, can’t let you know and whatever we have between us, I can’t tell noor or any other individual. Shayra believes Noor’s mystery will be mystery and expresses gratitude toward him. He says since we came here, I am feeling that somebody grabbed your rest. Shayra says you have the arrangement, lori. He sings lori/children’s song for her. She rests throughout the night on his shoulder.

Shayra inquires as to whether she dozed throughout the night on his shoulder. He says he would prefer not to bother her rest. He prods her. Noor comes playing dhol and says dulha and dulhan bhag gaye… Azaan and Shayra come there. She says if Ammi and badi ammi see you both. Yasmeen comes and says we have seen. Shayra asks Noor how is she? Noor says she is fine and can’t deal with pity for additional time. Razia comes there. Noor teasingly discloses to her that they were as one throughout the night. Razia says she needs them to be as one each minute. Surayya says she will see until when they will be as one. Shayra gets some information about the capacity. Noor tells about the capacity and Mehendi work.

The capacity begins. Azaan thinks how to head inside. Tune is played. Shayra and Noor are situated and getting mehendi connected on their hands. The mehendi originator gets some information about her significant other’s name. Shayra says Azaan. Noor sees Azaan. Mehendi fashioner gets some information about her better half’s name. She sees him and calls him. Mehendi planner composes Azaan on her hand.

Precap: Shayra and Azaan are getting hitched. Noor is grinning joyfully. Minister thinks what is ordained in their life.


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