Bahu Begum 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shayra says you had made Sheer Khoorma for 500 individuals after your marriage and tells that she will likewise make sheer khorma without any assistance. Yasmeen acclaims her. She attempts to help Shayra. Shayra requests that her assistance Noor prepare. Noor admonishes the hairdresser and tells that she doesn’t care for make up and hairdo. Azaan grins and tells that he will make Noor prepared for her marriage. Razia compliments Shayra and says Sheer Khoorma is smelling wonderful. Shayra inquires as to whether Noor is prepared. Razia says she sent Saba and others, Azaan is helping her. Azaan tells that he feels feel sorry for on her eventual kids as they will get such a terrible mother. Noor says you are with me to support me. He prepares her and makes her wear bangles and shoes.

Noor advises that she would prefer not to go. Azaan says in the event that Faiz hears this, at that point he will kick the bucket. Noor says let him bite the dust, however I would prefer not to leave this monkey. She embraces Azaan. Azaan says you are pagal noori, dumb, talks peculiarly however I will miss you as well. He says when you leave from here then with whom I will battle. He embraces her. Azaan goes to the kitchen and asks Shayra to cook quick. Shayra says only 5 mins. Azaan converses with Noor from kitchen and requests that her prepare quick. She says only 5 mins. Shayra makes Sheer khoorma and goes from kitchen.

Faiz is apprehensive and goes to the washroom. Dilruba and Mashuqa see the flame and drop the oil can erroneously. The flame broke out seriously. Azaan, Shayra and others are stunned. Somebody state that fire crushed out in the spirit side of haveli. Shayra says where is Noor? They get stressed for Noor. Noor is burst in into flames and yells Azaan’s name. Surayya grins. Everybody see Noor yelling for Azaan. Razia stops Azaan structure going there. Azaan says I need to go Ammi and keeps running there. Yasmeen cries seriously. Surayya thinks on the off chance that Azaan additionally bites the dust with Noor, at that point happiness will be twofold. Faiz’s folks acknowledges he is missing and gets stressed. Faiz yells for assistance. Azaan comes to Noor and spares her. He brings her out. Azaan asks where is Faiz? Yasmeen believes Noor’s dupatta is in her room and thinks about her words. She supposes I can’t let her marriage dupatta be scorched. She heads inside, takes dupatta. Faiz’s dad gets some information about him. Yasmeen yells remaining in the window and kisses Noor’s dupatta. She tosses the dupatta from the window. Shayra gets it. Consuming flotsam and jetsam falls on Yasmeen. Shayra and Azaan yell. Noor is in stun. She yells Ammi. Azaan keeps running inside.

Precap: Azaan gets inside and the flame increments. Shayra yells Azaan.


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