Bahu Begum 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yasmeen discloses to her that she didn’t call begum sahiba as she can’t stand to see her going. She says how she will bear to see me going far away from her. She says I had disclosed to you that Azaan and Shayra will deal with you on the off chance that anything transpires. Noor says nothing will transpire. Azaan says you won’t go anyplace and says you are my first young lady companion, can’t leave us. Yasmeen says our adoration is fragmented. She converses with Shayra and helps her to remember her guarantee. Shayra kisses her hand and cries. Yasmeen requests that her help Noor and be with her consistently. Noor asks what are you saying? Yasmeen bites the dust. Noor calls her. Specialist reveals to Razia that yasmeen has 95 percent consume wounds and she has less time. Noor yells Ammi. Razia separates and cries hearing her shout.

Azaan is in stun. Noor reviews her minutes with her Ammi. Razia cries thinking about the great occasions. Tune plays roshni phir hogi. Faiz is bRockyt to the clinic and is dead. Razia is stunned and says Noor lost her past and future. Faiz’s homicide slaps Noor and says she has eaten my child, he came to wed her, she got spared however my child is murdered. She says you will be reviled by a mother and can’t wed. She says my child has worn kafan so you will never wear the wedding wear. Azaan requests that her stop it and says on the off chance that you have lost your child, at that point Noor has likewise lost her Ammi and would be spouse. Shayra comes to him and attempts to quiet him down.

Azaan apologizes to Faiz’s mom and says what is Noor’s misstep in this, her everything wishes and dreams are singed in this flame. They return home. Asgar asks Surayya how the flame crushed out at the spirit side of haveli. Surayya says fire work is to copy. Asgar says this is your work. She says she needs Noor’s predetermination to consume and it occurred. Noor cries embracing her dupatta and thinks about Yasmeen’s words. Razia guaranteed yasmeen that there is no reason to worry. Shayra reviews yasmeen carrying out her mom’s responsibilities and giving her nek.

Noor questions God why she removed her Ammi. She says I implored you and you consumed my reality, what was Faiz’s mix-up. She requests that God end her life moreover. Mashuqa says fire boss came to meet you. Azaan asks do you know how the flame break out? Fire boss tells that fire began from kitchen and got towards the posterior of haveli. Azaan went to kitchen when Shayra is cooking and requesting that her cook quick. Razia asks who went at last. Mashuqa and Dilruba tell that they were outside. Azaan says it id hard to state who went last. Razia says whoever was inside, probably neglected to turn off gas and that is fire destitute out. Shayra comes there and drops the things in her grasp. She says I was in the kitchen at last. Razia is stunned.

Precap: Lady Inspector comes to capture Shayra. Azaan asks who has documented grumbling. Noor comes and says I have recorded.


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