Bahu Begum 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Noor dozes on his lap. Shayra comes there and kisses Noor’s cheeks, runs out crying. Azaan feels awful for her. Shayra offers Namaaz and says I didn’t have even an inkling on the off chance that I completed a slip-up or sin, yet I simply realize that the flame was set off, yet noor is as yet consuming. She requests that Allah demonstrate the best approach to profit grin for her face, says on the off chance that she needs to give her life for her, at that point she will feel that it is a modest arrangement. Noor awakens and discovers Azaan resting there. She grins. Surayya comes and says you are grinning today. Noor says Azaan is with me. Surayya says they are exceptionally harmful and asks do you know what they will do? Asgar carries paper to Razia and tells that the news is against Shayra. He says individuals are talking sick about her. Razia says it is a commotion and we will not be annoyed.

Asgar says you can disregard their discussions, however Shayra is a young lady and can’t overlook the insults and it will break Shayra. He says on the off chance that you need, at that point you can stop their insults. He requests that her send Shayra to dargah to exhibit chadar in dargah. Razia says do you need me to do this right now, and says I have lost my sister and can’t give this a chance to happen now. He says on the off chance that you don’t let this rasam occur, at that point individuals will feel that you hold her liable. Razia solicits him to make game plans from rasam. Surayya brings Noor there and causes her to hear this.

Noor flees from that point. Surayya incites Noor against Razia, Azaan and Shayra. She says she is unfeeling and has grabbed everything from you. She says she grabbed even Azaan and you can’t do anything. She says on the off chance that I was on your place, at that point wouldn’t have given them a chance to remain in harmony. She says would you be able to execute her, much the same as she slaughtered your Ammi. She says equity says that eye inexchange of eye and life inexchange of life. She says you won’t get equity as you are hireling’s little girl. She says bahu begum couldn’t care less for your ammi’s companionship or her life. They overlooked everything. She requests that her overlook everything and goes.

Razia educates Shayra regarding chadar rasam. Shayra says you have seen Noor’s condition. Azaan says Shayra will do it later. Razia says it’s anything but a jashn and says we need to introduce the chadar in dargah and appeal to God for Meenu to get jannat and harmony for Noor. She says we need to go for Noor. Azaan says alright, we will do this rasam. Shayra cries. Razia says she feels agony to recognize tears clearly and says Insha Allah, life will allow you to grin once more. Shayra embraces her and cries.

Noor is anxious and thinks about Surayya’s words. Razia, Surayya and Shayra go to Dargah. Azaan calls Noor and thinks why she isn’t picking the call. Noor comes to Dargah wearing burqa and hijaab. She moves cloak from her face and check his call. She rejects his call. Azaan gets strained. Noor is grasping blade. Razia turns towards her. Noor turns her face. Razia offers chadar to Shayra. Shayra presents the chadar in the dargah. They supplicate. Razia and Surayya leave from that point to tie the heavenly string while Shayra is as yet asking. Surayya grins. Noor cries and lifts the shroud from her face. Shayra opens her eyes and sees Noor remaining there. Noor flees. Shayra keeps running behind her and requests that her stop. Noor takes out the blade.

Precap: Noor discloses to Shayra that the third homicide will be her responsibility as well and wounds the blade.


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