Bahu Begum 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Noor telling Shayra that she could be accused of 1/3 homicide too. She says i’ve named my dying to your call and stabs herself. Shayra attempts to forestall her. Noor climbs on the railing of the balcony and falls, but Shayra holds her hand. Noor is striking in air while Shayra is conserving her hand. Noor asks her to leave her hand. Shayra asks her no longer to fall. Noor bites her hand in order that she depart her hand. Shayra doesn’t leave her hand. Surayya comes there and shouts Noor and smiles. She shouts calling Razia. Razia comes there. Noor faints. Shayra attempts to pull her to safety and manages to rescue her. Azaan shouts Noor. Shayra tells Razia that she is bleeding and that they take her domestic. Azaan comes out and takes Noor interior in his palms. Shayra says we shall take her to clinic. Razia fears for his or her admire. Asgar says if people involves recognise that Noor tried suicide because of you then..Razia says Noor is Meenu’s last reminiscence and tells that she will deliver medical institution here.

Doctor treats Noor within the house. Azaan and Shayra fear and cry for her. Khalid says not anything shall show up to my Noor and cries. Razia pacifies Azaan. Azaan says how to pacify. Saba blames Shayra for Noor’s circumstance. Razia says Shayra. Saba says Noor tried to crumple due to Shayra. Razia says Shayra stored her ricking her personal life. Asgar and Surayya rejoice. Surayya dances at the song Surayya jaan…Asgar asks her to stop dancing and says switches off the track gadget. He says Noor couldn’t take her existence. Surayya says Servants don’t do work well. She says i have seen fats tears in Razia’s eyes and felt peace. Asgar says if someone sees you dancing. Surayya says while tears are complete in eyes then not anything is visible. Khalid comes there.

Doctor tells that Noor is out of danger, but going through despair and he or she might try to suicide again. He asks her to keep eye on her and make certain that she stays happy. Shayra recalls promising Yasmeen. Khalid asks Surayya if she provoked Noor to commit suicide and says if you have executed this. She holds his hand and asks him not to apply his thoughts. Asgar asks her to relax. Surayya reminds Khalid what Noor did with him. Khalid hears someone telling that Noor got cognizance. Asgar tells Surayya that Noor turns into snake in sleeve and could bite anyone, she will not write tale, however dastaan. Noor gains recognition. Razia asks are you first-class? Saba scolds her for doing this foolishness. Razia says if whatever had happened to then you definitely what i might have instructed Meenu. Noor gets irritated seeing Shayra and hits some thing to harm her. Azaan shouts Noor and asks her to pacify. Noor says she will take her lifestyles and asks Azaan to invite her to move. She says she is not letting me die also. Azaan asks her to listen. Noor threatens to cut her nerves and retaining scissor on her hand. Azaan asks Shayra to go and shouts asking her to go. Shayra is shocked. Azaan asks her to go from there. Shayra cries and is going from there. Azaan pacifies Noor. Shayra cries in her room.

Precap: Shayra tells Noor that she can supply her existence for her. Noor asks her to present Azaan to her and asks her to divorce him so that she will be able to marry him.


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