Bahu Begum 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Razia yells and says Noor will tune in. Suraiyya says all Bhopal will tune in. Shayra tells that Noor will know. Azaan attempts to stop her. Shayra goes to Noor, cries and tells that she was the last who was in the kitchen and says the flame broke out from kitchen. Noor looks irately. Dilruba comes and says Police came. Azaan asks Inspector what are you doing here? Woman Inspector says we came here to capture Shayra Mirza for killing Yasmeen and Faiz. Azaan asks what are you saying and asks who documented the argument against her. Noor comes and says I got the FIR composed. Everybody is stunned. Azaan says Noori ! He says you called the Police to get Shayra captured and asks do you realize what’s happening with you? Noor says you are asking me even in the wake of realizing what Shayra is doing. She says I heard everything. Surayya thinks yasmeen got copied, Noor is decimated and Shayra will be imprisoned and Razia will be pulverized. Noor faults Shayra and reveals to Azaan that his Shayra executed her Ammi.

Shayra says I am blameworthy yet I didn’t do anything deliberately. Noor says these tears and conciliatory sentiment can’t bring my Ammi or my bliss. Auditor says Shayra… you need to accompany us to Police station. Azaan asks Noor not to take an off-base choice which she will apologize later. Noor says she will be glad to rebuff the liable and requests that Inspector take her. Razia attempts to stop her. Azaan says until I return, no one will contact Shayra. Woman constable is going to cuff her. Razia inquires as to why you are doing this?

Examiner says lawbreakers are taken being bound. Razia keeps hand on Shayra’s hand and says my bahu won’t be cuffed. Auditor says you are testing law. Razia says no, I am mentioning you and requests that her concur. Reviewer says you are known for right equity and says how might we be liberal to the young lady who is charged of two passings. Suraiyya offered cash to the woman police auditor and requests that her torment Shayra in police headquarters. Surayya says you have kicked my child out, presently remain in prison. Noor goes to the room where Yasmeen got scorched and reviews their glad minutes. Azaan comes there and requests that her tune in. Noor shuts the entryway. Azaan says whatever you are doing isn’t right. Noor asks whatever your London wali did is correct? Azaan says it was a mishap and requests that her stop Shayra’s capture. The constable binds Shayra. Azaan’s sister asks Razia to stop her capture.

Noor thinks about all the cheerful minutes with Yasmeen. Azaan says whatever had happened was a mix-up. Noor says she has consumed three Ammi’s life, faiz and my life. Azaan says you are rebuffing Shayra for the wrongdoing which she has not done. He requests that her reclaim her objection once. He says I guarantee you that there is no reason to worry. Noor inquires as to whether my Ammi will be back. Azaan says Shayra will be taken to the Police station. Noor opens the entryway and requests that he see the consumed room where ammi kicked the bucket. She says my Ammi left this world, yet you don’t affected. You are feeling awful as Shayra is getting captured. Azaan says you know me. Noor says I was pleased that you are my closest companion and says I wasn’t right. She says fellowship fizzled infront of affection. Azaan goes. Shayra is taken out by degenerate woman cop. Media is holding up outside and questions Shayra why she murdered them. They ask do you acknowledge this wrongdoing.

Precap: Azaan holds Shayra’s hand as she is taken in jeep. The woman auditor pushes her in the cell and reveals to Azaan that they carry on like these with the culprits.


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