Bahu Begum 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Azaan requests that her lock him moreover. Monitor can’t and says this lock up is just for females. She compromises Azaan that in the event that he accomplishes something, at that point his significant other will wind up here all life. Noor takes a gander at the photograph and thinks about the ongoing happenings. She cries missing yasmeen and requests that her arrival. She cries. Surayya comes there and keeps hand on her head. Noor thinks Razia came and says she would prefer not to discuss Shayra. Surayya says your badi ammi is occupied to get her bahu out of lock up. She asks her not to feel terrible and says I am with you She says the rich individuals have such a significant number of things, however we have simply relations.

Noor cries. Surayya embraces her and grins. She says somebody needs to meet you and apologize to you. Khalid comes there. Noor gets frightened seeing him. Khalid apologizes to her for his doings and says I am prepared for the discipline. He requests that her let him be close to her. He says I can’t see you crying and can’t disregard you. He cries and says I won’t inconvenience you. He requests that her let him be here. Noor embraces Surayya and says today you are with me, whom I don’t trust and whom I confided in a great deal, disregarded me.

Shayra cries in the lock up for their demises. She takes a gander at the wrist trinket and thinks about her discussion with Noor and yasmeen. Azaan is holding up outside and attempts to take a gander at her. Shayra cries in the lock up and sees Azaan who is remaining on the table and peeping inside the window. Surayya asks Noor to quit crying. Razia brings sustenance and says you are eager since morning. She requests that her eat something. She says on the off chance that you don’t eat, at that point… Noor embraces her and cries. She asks Razia to call yasmeen. Dilruba comes and says yasmeen’s body is brought from the medical clinic. Noor keeps running there. Surayya tells that she will break their relations. Noor goes to Yasmeen’s dead body and cries. Azaan brings Shayra there. Legal counselor tells that Shayra is liberated as it was a mishap. Noor says it was a homicide and not a mishap.

Razia says you have lost your Ammi and I have lost my sister. She says Shayra isn’t liable in this issue. Noor asks what are you saying, that Shayra isn’t blameworthy as she is your bahu, your child’s better half. She says that is the reason she isn’t at misstep, it is my Ammi’s error and Faiz’s slip-up who had come to wed me, I couldn’t get equity for my Ammi. She says Ammi needed me to call you badi Ammi as you are my Ammi as well, however you have demonstrated today that you are Bhopal’s begum and we are your Servants. She slaps Shayra. Noor reveals to Razia that shayra has turned out to be cherished and imperative to you. She says Faiz’s family called me ominous, yet Shayra is unfavorable, she is a vagrant and made me a vagrant at this point. Shayra draws close to yasmeen’s dead body, however Noor stops her and slaps her. Everybody is stunned.

Precap: Noor asks Razia to guarantee that she will get the liable rebuffed.


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