Bahu Begum 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Episode begin Noor try to hurt✂ herself, when Azan ask Shayra to go.. Azan ask Noor to kill✂ him, in place of punishing herself as he can’t see her on this deep ache, he almost died seeing her in such condition.. Bahu bagum try to prevent, but he ask absolutely everyone not to interfer.. Noor drop scissors✂ and cry😭😭 difficult.. She adds she is all on my own, all of us whom she loved left her dedicating Ammi and Faiz.. Saba say I doubt🤔 due to Shayra, we’d lose Noor.. Azan try to chill out Noor..

Later Azan and Shayra communicate, while shayra blame herself for all happenings and cry.. Azan calm her down and each talk a way to Make Noor happy🙂 and take her out from pain..

Khalid write Noor using blood, whilst surraya scold him and ask to clean earlier than all of us inform bahu begum, making every body going

on avenue.. Azhar hug him and ask him to relex.. Khalid get irritated😡😠 and positioned glass piece hitting Surraya image..
Bahu begum scold Saba and ask her to control her phrases as shayra is her sister-in-regulation.. Suryya and Azhar get satisfied, Azhar take Bahu begum to talk to Comissioner. Comissioner👨🏻‍✈ ask the way to cope with case as we are also in strain and want to answer media. Bahu begum says we need time ⏰as noor is not well and we will answer all questions..

Surraya brainwash Noor via faking her love ❤and cries. Surraya ask Noor no longer to cry 😭😭as she is here to take care of her.. Noor goes near window whilst surraya ask Noor to peer love ❤birds dedicating Azan and Shayra once they hug each other.. Surraya ask Noor no longer to agree with Azan a great deal, as he is a good deal extra occupied in his love❤ in preference to buddy’s pain making Noor disappointed😔😞😔..

Servents communicate terrible about shayra, while she arrives and prepare dinner🍜🍱 food for Noor. Surraya and Servents taunt her pronouncing noor shall no longer eat poision if served with the aid of shayra.. Shayra get unhappy cry😢 and prepare dinner food however cover her tears from Azan.. Azhar wager with surraya and servents that azan will feed food to noor.. Azan feed food🍱🍜, when Noor do not forget her ammi.. Shayra don’t forget how noor ammi instructed mystery in the back of noor’s fvt dish and is going smiling🙂.. Azhar win guess..

Azan inform that noor fvt food🍱🍜 turned into cooked by means of Shayra, making Noor angry😡😠.. Azan explain her that he can’t pick out among you as Shayra and Noor are his lifestyles strains and he might also die without each.. Noor stop him and both hug each different making noor seeing somthing. Noor ask for favour from azan..

Azan tell Shayra that Noor ask for favour that Noor called Shayra too meet.. Sharya get glad🙂, and get fearful as nicely. Azan ask to meet her pal Noor, she may get indignant😡😠, but soft in coronary heart ❤much like coconut🌰.. She is little tubelight, but apprehend the whole lot later..

Shayra is going to meet Noor asking to forgive🙏🏼 her, if can’t than punish her, its her proper, She may additionally even die⚰ for Noor happiness.. Noor ask than die ⚰asking to offer Azan via divorcing him.. Shayra get stunned😱😨, she say he is not yours.. Noor says he is in my future and suggests Azan named Mehendi to Shayra, surprising😱😨 her extra.. Flashback indicates at the same time as Noor hugged Azan she saw his call written in mehendi.. Noor says Azan is my future, even his call is written through Mehendi girl, and like fool i gave azan to you..

Precap: Shayra says Azan is not yours, he doesn’t love❤ you.. Noor says Love ❤happens after marriage, you got here in between us


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