Bahu Begum 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shayra says we will take her to emergency clinic. Razia fears for their regard. Asgar says if individuals comes to realize that Noor endeavored suicide in view of you then..Razia says Noor is Meenu’s last memory and tells that she will bring emergency clinic here. Doctor treats Noor in the house. Azaan and Shayra stress and sob for her. Khalid says nothing will happen to my Noor and cries. Razia assuages Azaan. Azaan says how to mollify. Saba faults Shayra for Noor’s condition. Razia says Shayra. Saba says Noor attempted to tumble down in view of Shayra. Razia says Shayra spared her ricking her own life. Asgar and Surayya celebrate. Surayya moves

Asgar requests that her quit moving and says switches off the music framework. He says Noor couldn’t end her life. Surayya says Servants don’t do work appropriately. She says I have recognized fat tears easily and felt harmony. Asgar says on the off chance that somebody sees you moving. Surayya says when tears are full in eyes at that point nothing is seen. Khalid comes there.

Doctor tells that Noor is out of threat, yet experiencing gloom and she may endeavor to suicide once more. He requests that her watch out for her and ensure that she remains glad. Shayra guaranteed Yasmeen. Khalid inquires as to whether she incited Noor to end it all and says on the off chance that you have done this. She holds his hand and asks him not to utilize his brain. Asgar requests that her quiet down. Surayya reminds Khalid what Noor did with him. Khalid hears somebody telling that Noor got awareness. Asgar reveals to Surayya that Noor will move toward becoming snake in sleeve and will nibble everybody, she won’t compose story, however dastaan. Noor gains awareness. Razia asks would you say you are fine? Saba reproves her for doing this absurdity. Razia says in the event that anything had transpired, at that point what I would have told Meenu. Noor blows up observing Shayra and hits something to hurt her. Azaan yells Noor and requests that her appease. Noor says she will end her life and asks Azaan to request that her go. She says she isn’t giving me a chance to bite the dust moreover. Azaan requests that her tune in. Noor takes steps to cut her nerves and keeping scissor on her hand. Azaan asks Shayra to go and yells requesting that her go. Shayra is stunned. Azaan requests that her go from that point. Shayra cries and goes from that point. Azaan conciliates Noor. Shayra cries in her room.

Precap: Shayra discloses to Noor that she can give her life for her. Noor requests that her offer Azaan to her and requests that her separation him with the goal that she can wed him.


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