Bahu Begum 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Azan and Shayra talk, when shayra censure herself for all happenings and cry.. Azan quiet her down and both talk how to Make Noor happy🙂 and take her out from torment.. Khalid compose Noor utilizing blood, when surraya admonish him and request to clean before anybody tell bahu begum, making we all going on street.. Azhar embrace him and ask him to relex.. Khalid get angry😡😠 and put glass piece hitting Surraya Picture..

Bahu begum chide Saba and request that her control her words as shayra is her sister-in-law.. Suryya and Azhar get Happy, Azhar take Bahu begum to converse with Comissioner. Comissioner👨🏻‍✈ request that how handle case as we are additionally in weight and need to answer media. Bahu begum says we need time ⏰as noor isn’t well and we will respond to all inquiries..

Surraya mentally program Noor by faking her adoration ❤and cries. Surraya ask Noor not to cry 😭😭as she is here to deal with her.. Noor goes close window when surraya ask Noor to see love ❤birds committing Azan and Shayra when they embrace one another.. Surraya ask Noor not to trust Azan much, as he is significantly more involved in his love❤ as opposed to companion’s torment making Noor upset😔😞😔..

Servents talk terrible about shayra, when she arrives and cook🍜🍱 nourishment for Noor. Surraya and Servents insult her colloquialism noor will not eat poision whenever served by shayra.. Shayra get dismal cry😢 and cook sustenance yet conceal her tears from Azan.. Azhar wager with surraya and servents that azan will encourage nourishment to noor.. Azan feed food🍱🍜, when Noor recollect her ammi.. Shayra recollect how noor ammi confessed to mystery behind noor’s fvt dish and goes smiling🙂.. Azhar win wager..

Azan tell that noor fvt food🍱🍜 was cooked by Shayra, making Noor angry😡😠.. Azan clarify her that he can’t pick between both of you as Shayra and Noor are his life lines and he may pass on without both.. Noor stop him and both embrace each other making noor seeing somthing. Noor request support from azan..

Azan advise Shayra that Noor request support that Noor called Shayra excessively meet.. Sharya get happy🙂, and get anxious also. Azan request to meet her companion Noor, she may get angry😡😠, however delicate in heart ❤just like coconut🌰.. She is little tubelight, yet comprehend everything later..

Shayra goes to meet Noor asking to forgive🙏🏼 her, if can’t than rebuff her, its her right, She may even die⚰ for Noor bliss.. Noor ask than bite the dust ⚰asking to give Azan by separating from him.. Shayra get shocked😱😨, she state he isn’t yours.. Noor says he is in my predetermination and shows Azan named Mehendi to Shayra, shocking😱😨 her more.. Flashback appears while Noor embraced Azan she saw his name written in mehendi.. Noor says Azan is my predetermination, even his name is composed by Mehendi young lady, and Like trick I offered azan to you..

Precap: Shayra says Azan isn’t yours, he doesn’t love❤ you.. Noor says Love ❤happens after marriage, you came in the middle of us


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