Bahu Begum 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Azaan signs Shayra to embrace him. Shayra supposes I can’t give you what she is inquiring. Noor supposes I will get you Azaan. Razia sees them and says thanks to God. She requests that Saba take in absolution from Noor. They listen to some clamor and come. Media comes there. Surayya asks Asgar what Noor is doing? Asgar says she will compose history. Media questions Azaan about the flame mishap, two passings and Noor endeavoring suicide and requests answers. Azaan says this is our own issue and requests that they leave. Media says Bhopal’s kin needs to hear the appropriate response and says it is your obligation to state being Nawab.

Asgar comes and says she is Bhopal’s begum. Surayya requests that they answer quietly. Columnist says we heard that Shayra attempted to execute Noor. Noor comes and says you heard wrongly. She asks would you say you are correspondents or essayists? She says neither I attempted to end it all nor Shayra attempted to slaughter me. She says Shayra spared me. Columnist says whatever occurred in dargah, what’s going on here? Noor says it was a mishap, not to name it as suicide or murder. Azaan requests that they go. Columnist got Asgar’s message. Razia says I thought Meenu left us, however she is here in your heart. Azaan says you are extremely understanding. Noor goes to room. Shayra keeps running behind her calling her. She asks what occurred. Noor says I am thinking today I have shut everybody’s mouth, except when I won’t be there, badi ammi and Azaan need to hear their insults. She requests that her give Azaan.

Shayra says I can’t give what you are inquiring. She supposes on the off chance that Noor attempts to end it all, at that point? She comes to Razia to advise her and hears her conversing with yasmeen’s pic and telling that Noor is understanding and demonstrated today that she has grown up. Shayra thinks this time isn’t more right than wrong to advise her. Razia sees her and calls her. Shayra says Ammi. Razia says whatever Noor let me know, I am upset for that. Shayra is going to tell about Noor’s condition, yet Razia gets a call and reasons herself. She reviews her guarantee made to Yasmeen. She sees reflection and thinks Noor is holding tight to fan. She comes running there. Dilruba is cleaning the fan and asks what was the deal? Noor requests that her concur. Shayra contemplates Noor’s expectations and figures no one but he can advise her. She scans for him.

Light comes. Azaan comes and embraces her. He says I wouldn’t you be able to bliss since our marriage and says he felt harmony when he saw Noor tranquil. She says she needs to converse with him. Azaan says talks can pause, yet not with adoration. He gives her bloom and hits the dance floor with her… .le jaye kahan plays… ..Noor sees them from outside. She goes structure there. Shayra breaks the embrace and runs out. Noor ventures on the railing and is going to bounce cruing. Shayra comes there and spares her similarly as she is going to tumble down. She asks what you needed to do. Noor says she needs beyond words she can’t remain in this reality where Azaan is yours and not mine. Shayra says Azaan can’t be yours as adoration is supplication and it can’t be given to other in blessing. Noor says I have comprehended that you won’t give me Azaan. She says I have lost and can’t live with disappointment. She says Noor is dead. She is going to bounce again and the vase breaks. Shayra requests that her hear her out and says Ammi and Azaan can’t live if something transpires. She says how to take this choice in a rush. Noor allows her 2 days time and requests that her choose. Shayra requests that her give her hand and causes her descend. She cautions her asking not to do this. Noor says I won’t do this in these 2 days, however in the event that you don’t choose, at that point I will bite the dust.

Precap: Shayra comes to tell Azaan, simply then Noor tumbles down oblivious. Azaan hurries to her.


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