Bahu Begum 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shayra attempts to converse with him. He says he would prefer not to talk and dozes on her lap. She hears Saba giggling sitting with Noor and figures whatever she may have advised must be because of outrage. Noor chooses lehenga on the web. Saba says it is worth 10 lakhs. Noor says her decision is exorbitant. Razia says this is our Noor. Azaan asks Razia not to keep her on head and says I need to make the installment. Noor says I can give my life for you and you can’t give me a lehenga. He says I can give you 10 lehengas, vehicles, house and so forth, yet can’t give you noodles. Razia requests that he hold it down and have sound breakfast. Surayya thinks Noor is looking cheerful and changed so quick. Noor asks Azaan to make an installment and gives workstation. He inquires as to whether there is somebody’s marriage. Noor says Janaza and tells that who said that it is worn in marriage. Azaan takes the workstation to room. Shayra discloses to Noor that she is glad to see her cheerful.

Noor says I have only 2 days and says that lehenga will convey in 2 days. She says it will be either my marriage dress or my passing dress. Surayya attempts to hear them. Noor says it is in your grasp now. She says I made lists of things to get of the things to be done, yet didn’t realize that my life is so little. She says she needs to satisfy every one of her desires in the rundown with the goal that she can pass on serene. Shayra asks her not to tell this. Noor says you can cause me to flourish with Azaan and have two days. Surayya couldn’t hear anything. Shayra says I can’t cause her to comprehend and will tell Ammi. She sees Razia imploring Namaaz. She supposes she needs to tell Ammi else the circumstance will be crazy. She advises remaining outside and says how to satisfy her desire and requests that her discussion to her. Razia comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Shayra sees Noor hearing her. Razia says do you have any work.

Shayra requests that what make in sustenance. Razia says she will tell cook. Noor takes Shayra to side and inquires as to whether she was whining to Razia. She says in the event that you advise this to anybody, at that point I will grab the last appropriate from you. They go. Surayya thinks to discover what they were discussing and takes the telephone which she had kept there. She look in her telephone. Simply then feline falls on her feet and Surayya drops her telephone in the water pot. She admonishes feline and wipes her telephone. Razia asks Azaan and Shayra to disseminate covers among poor people. He inquires as to whether there is any event. Shayra says Noor requested that her do this and she made Sheerkhoorma herself. Azaan is astounded. He comes there and says I will disperse it. Noor says I will do it. Azaan says I need to check whether they will be alive in the wake of eating your sheer khoorma or not. He goes. Shayra inquires as to for what reason would you say you are doing this? Noor says she needs to do this before her passing and tells that two additional desires are remaining.

Shayra says it is sufficient and requests that how do bad form with Azaan. Azaan comes and solicits what kind from foul play. He asks who is doing shamefulness with whom and asks anything genuine. Shayra says we were talking about when all is said in done. Noor says fate does treachery once in a while, offer everything to somebody and grabs everything from others. She gives case of their life and destitute individuals’ lives. Azaan likes the sheer khoorma and says you got the hang of cooking moreover. Noor says life educates everything.

Precap: Everyone looks for Noor. Shayra says I realize where is she? They go to the graveyard. Razia, Azaan and Saba are stunned. Shayra yells her name.


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