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The Episode starts with Surayya asking Razia why she didn’t get her own son marry Noor. She says we are Nawabs and you want me to get my son married to this Servant’s daughter. Azaan asks her to mind her language and says she never thought Meenu as Servant, but her sister. She says Noor is her daughter. Surayya says she can’t give saree as gift, not her son. Razia says she don’t want to force her decision on her and asks her to think. She says you will not get good girl like you. Surayya says I will accept any girl, but not Noor as she is the one who made fun of my son, called him chasmish, stammering guy and threw his ring. She says why she want to marry him today. Shayra thinks what game you are playing Noor? Noor says I always made fun of him, but he cared for me very much and bear all my misbehaviorand anger. She says she has understood that nobody can love her more than Khalid. Khalid gets emotional and teary eyes. Noor says if you agree for this marriage then we will be happy. Surayya says if I refuse? Noor says then also this marriage will happen tomorrow. Razia asks tomorrow. Noor says you had said that if I am tangled in my past then how I will make my future better. She says she can’t forget Ammi, but want to fulfill her last wish. She says she don’t want the marriage to be simple with just family members. Surayya says both of you have decided.

Mashuqa thinks why Khalid wants to marry her and not me. Asgar tries to make him understand. Khalid refuses and says I will marry Noor. Surayya says I will slap you and make your face swollen. Razia says you will not do anything and says if they have decided then I will support them. She says she knows how to handle her traditions and values. She says it is their life and they shall decide. She says if you are not happy with the marriage then also this marriage will happen tomorrow. Khalid gets happy and says badi ammi is so good and tells Surayya that this is Ammi. He tells Noor that she will become bride and he will become her groom. He hugs her happily and dances singing oh mummy daddy song…He stops and looks at Shayra, recalling her condition. He then tells Noor that he has to do many arrangements and have to buy Sherwani.

Shayra asks Noor to listen to her and asks how can you marry him? Noor asks what is wrong with him? Shayra says how can you forgive him. Noor says she is just marrying him and not having relation with him. She says she is doing this marriage to fulfill her Ammi’s last wish. She says she has decided to marry Khalid and then go to her Ammi. Shayra says you can’t do this. Noor says why can’t I do this. She sees Azaan coming there and says Khalid loves me madly and I will be with you people in this house. Khalid tries Sherwani and suit and thinks Noor is good, he shall look Shehzada. Surayya comes and keeps her foot on his hand and smashes his hand. She slaps him and asks how dare you to take a big decision. She says she hates her, Khalid says but I love her. Surayya says if you marry her, then I will pull out your skin. Khalid says I will marry her. Surayya is about to slap him again, but he pushes her and says you don’t know what I can do for her. Azaan tries to make Noor understand. Noor says I don’t love him, but he loves me madly.

Khalid says you didn’t know what I did to get her and what I can do. He says he will take the person’s life whoever comes between them. Surayya says I will show you how to take life and presses her neck. Asgar comes and says he is baby. He asks Khalid to go. Surayya says he said that he did…Asgar makes her sit. Azaan asks Noor to think with calm mind and decide. Noor says what do you think that I didn’t think. Azaan says you have taken a big decision and told me first. Noor says you had also burst bomb on us. Azaan says ok, if this is your decision then ok. Shayra is surprised. Azaan says Khalid is not bad and everyone can’t tolerate her. He hugs her.

Surayya tells Asgar that they were under Razia and now they will be under Noor. Asgar asks her to think wisely and says Razia thinks Noor as her daughter and will do so much in her marriage. Surayya says I want everything and that girl will never be my bahu.

Noor prays Namaaz and tells that she is doing wrong with Khalid. Shayra comes and asks why are you doing wrong then? She says this life is the God’s biggest gift and throwing it is an insult to the person giving it. Noor says it is not thrown, but snatched. It is not suicide, but murder. You have done two murders before, now going to do the third one. She says my happiness is debt on you and asks her to pay the debt to get over the sin and murder accusation. Shayra is shocked and silent. Noor says I know you will not give me Azaan, but you have given me the best gift of my nikah. She says thanks. Shayra asks what did I give you? Noor says I have to do many arrangements as today is my Nikah. Shayra is in shock and thinks what gift she was talking about?

Precap: Noor and Khalid sits for their marriage. Shayra runs to Azaan and asks him to marry Noor and divorce her (herself).


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