Bahu Begum 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Azaan says she should be in the room. Razia reveals to Asgar that she will get new telephone for Surayya. Surayya asks Asgar to fix it and says she needs this telephone as it were. Razia asks what is in it. Shayra comes there and asks where is Noor? Azaan says she is agonizing over Noor superfluously. Shayra asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to look through her. They call her, however she isn’t picking the call. Shayra contemplates her fantasy and says I know where Noor can be. They go to the cemetery. Azaan tells Razia, why Noor will come here. Shayra runs and sees Noor resting there.

Razia and Azaan additionally come there. Razia stops Azaan and says they have gone to their mom and will deal with one another. Noor lays her head on Yasmeen’s grave. Shayra discloses to her that yasmeen will be tormented to see her like this and says you need to control me and caused me to concur. Noor says I am doing what was in my list of things to get. Shayra says you are lying. Noor says I won’t lie sitting close to my Ammi’s grave. She says Ammi used to inquire as to whether she won’t leave her after her demise and I used to answer that I will come in the grave close you. She requests that her see her grave. Shayra sees the grave burrowed and asks what is this franticness. Noor says I will satisfy my desires. Shayra says I won’t let you do this and will illuminate everybody. Noor says then I will pass on, you can’t be with me 24 hours. She says I have two different ways, one takes me here and one takes me to Azaan and says regardless you have 24 hours.

They get back home. Shayra holds her hand and says I need to converse with you. Noor says I would prefer not to talk. Razia says you need to and says I comprehend what Shayra needs to let you know. She says I thought you are overlooking your agony and attempting to be cheerful. She says you didn’t think once what I am experiencing. She asks Shayra what was the deal? Shayra says she was enthusiastic. Noor says I need to converse with you. She says I asked something from Shayra, yet she can’t give me. She says you can give me this. She takes her to side and tells something. Razia requests that her reconsider and says this issue is of your life. Noor says she has however enough. Razia considers everybody and advises that Noor needs to wed and has picked the person. Azaan asks who is he? Razia tells that terrific child of your granddad. She says in the event that she needs this, at that point I have no complaint. Razia comes to Surayya and Asgar and requests Khalid for Noor’s marriage.

Razia says I am certain that predetermination is composed with mother’s petitions. She says yasmeen constantly needed Noor to wed in this house. She says Khalid constantly needed to wed her and when she is prepared, we will not be late. She takes out her bangle and provides for Surayya as nikah’s nek. Surayya tosses it and says nek goes to hellfire. She says I consented to you as you are Bhopal’s begum and I don’t consent to this. Khalid comes and says however I concur, I will wed Noor. Shayra considers Noor. Khalid says I will wed Noor and asks her not to stress. Surayya takes out her existence and takes steps to beat Khalid. Khalid says on the off chance that you decline, at that point I will do court marriage. Surayya says I will go to imprison by murdering you. Razia asks Surayya not to constrain her choice on Khalid. She says I got Azaan wedded with his desire. Surayya requests that her get Azaan wedded her now.

Precap: Razia fixes Noor and Khalid’s marriage. Noor reveals to Shayra that she gave him great endowment of marriage.


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